1. I thought this was a great article for anyone looking to start a travel blog. I found some plugins that I may use or switch around.

  2. You've given a great basis for getting started! I'm checking out a few of the tutorials of stuff I've been putting off. Thanks.

  3. My biggest problem is traffic! I seriously need help! I've tried to sign up for directories, but we're too new and don't have the following they want. Any advice? #thecottondiaries.com

  4. Cool post! Actually I ended up removing my instagram plugin because it was making my site slow by a few seconds. I'm super particular about the speed because it effects SEO 😉

  5. Hi Kissa It was difficult for me too in the beginning. But slowly it has been growing. Keep at it and all the small things will help

  6. This is nice post.It is also very helpful for us .I have been searching this types of tutorial because .I love visiting
    some day days ago i read an artical about travel Niagara but this post is better then post

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