27 Reasons to BeThere To Experience USA

The New Year is upon us. I spent the first day of this year in an Airport. So hopefully I will be spending a lot more time in them this year. I have such high hopes. But it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. I think about what I want to write every week. There is …

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The New Year is upon us. I spent the first day of this year in an Airport. So hopefully I will be spending a lot more time in them this year. I have such high hopes. But it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

I think about what I want to write every week. There is definitely no dearth of ideas. But forming sentences and turning that into a blog post is the difficult part. Then I remembered this idea. So here it goes.
All of us love ads. And if it is a good one, we get hooked to it. Emirates #BeingThere ad is a good ad in my opinion.

Every time I listen to the #Beingthere USA campaign on the radio, I get all excited. Because I have done all that is mentioned and it resonates so well. Like they rightly say, there is nothing that beats just being there and there is only one way to know. You have to be there to experience the sights. You have to be there to make memories and friends. You have to be there for that life-changing experience.

So here it goes: my own USA version of the #BeingThere campaign:

  • Be there to stand in Grand Central Terminal and just stare at the different kinds of people passing by you.
  • Be there to see the excitement of a little kid on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
  • Be there to hear the stories of people you meet while travelling cross country on a train from Chicago to San Francisco.
  • Be there and be disappointed to see fog covering the Golden Gate Bridge and then to be equally relieved to see the majestic wonder once the fog clears.
  • Be there to see amazing New York from top of the Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and Top of the rock only to find out that you prefer the view from the Rock.
  • Be there to walk between the countless memorials in Washington. Your legs hurt but you still do it because you are there, you can and you have a great company.
  • Be there to go on a ‘Maid of the mist’ ride and experience the feeling of water spray from Niagara Falls on your face.
  • Be there to see the ‘Temple of Dendur’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to realize that you will sit all day long in the Sackler wing staring at the exhibit if you had all the time in the World.
  • Be there to sit and stare at the gorgeous ceiling inside the Great Hall at the Union Station in Chicago.
  • Be there to stand next to a Giant Sequoia tree to realize that you are just a tiny speck in this marvellous Earth.
  • Be there to join in the standing ovation after an experience of a lifetime watching the Broadway show ‘Phantom of the Opera’.
  • Be there at the Cloud gate in Chicago and wander how on Earth did they built this.
  • Be there to fall in love with Harry and the gang at the Harry Potter themed area at Universal Studios, Florida.
  • Be there to wake one fine morning on a train and come across one of the most picturesque views you have ever seen.
  • Be there so that you can waste an entire hour sitting idly on a bench in Central Park watching life just going by.
  • Be there to see the glass sculptures at Corning Museum of glass and again wonder how they made such gorgeous pieces.
  • Be there to realize what jet lag is and how you desperately want to stay awake on the architectural river tour around Chicago.
  • Be there to just walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see all kinds of people being as frivolous as you.
  • Be there to eat all the delicious food that you can only find in a foodie’s heaven like San Francisco.
  • Be there to go on random road trips across America with your friends and to have all those nostalgic conversations.
  • Be there to see that the Statue of Liberty is still as inviting as you remembered it.
  • Be there to miss the train at Westmont and then spend the next hour walking around a quiet suburban locality on your first day in the USA.
  • Be there to understand why your friends keep raving about Ghiradelli ice cream.
  • Be there to feel the might of the falls on your back while standing under it at the Cave of the winds.
  • Be there to roam around Disney Downtown on a weekday trying to find vegetarian food at 1’o clock in the morning.
  • Be there to catch that first glimpse of Yosemite Valley from Tunnel view and appreciate the splendour of nature.
  • Be there to catch the crazy Subway system in New York and then keep getting lost inside all the stations.

There were so many ‘You have to be there’s’ during my trip to the US and unless you are right there, you will never be in that moment. Because ‘Going is believing’ (Courtesy : Emirates).
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BeThere to Experience USA
BeThere to Experience USA

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