I have been traveling for a long time. I got on a plane for the first time when I was 6 months old and that was the time we flew to Africa (Mom, me and my twin sister) to be with dad. As many of you know, I grew up in Tanzania, Africa and I only moved to India many years later to pursue college. Now I live and work in Bangalore.

Even though I have been traveling my whole life, I only started chronicling my experiences in June 2015. This page aims to be the one stop shop for all the blog posts I have written till now. The number is few since I can be a lazy writer. This is just intended to be a place where I share my experiences and the experience you might have had may be completely different. I do post few tips from time to time but don’t take this as the basis of planning your trips.


Places I have visited


I wish I could travel more in India. But I still do not travel within India as much as I want.


I grew up in Tanzania and I recently did a photo story on Tanzania.


Solo Travel:


I keep going to Dubai since my twin sister lives there. So you can see few more posts related to Dubai.

US series:

Since I went to the US after I started blogging, this one has the maximum number of entries:


I went skydiving in Australia and that is one of the scariest and memorable experiences I have ever had.



My wish list is endless but I keep writing about some of them.

Collab Posts:

Travel Blogging


When you cannot categorize some of your posts, this is where they end up.

Photo of the Day:

Catch some photos here.

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