Experiential Travel With Sterling Holidays In India (#HolidayDifferently)

Sterling Holidays in India is now Sterling Holidays Differently. In this post, I write about how they have revamped their brand and how they are gearing up to #HolidayDifferently with Experiential Travel With Sterling Holidays.

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It is interesting to note how my travelling style has evolved over the past few years. As someone who started travelling at a young age, I knew that travelling always made me happy. But during my younger traveling days, I was content to go to a place, see the touristy places and then come back home. But as the concept of experiential travel has evolved, so has my travelling style.

So what is experiential travel? According to Wiki, “Experiential travel, also known as immersion travel, is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture.”

Nowadays, I prefer travelling for experiences. I have gone to learn the art of chocolate making in Ireland, taken on a gastronomic tour around London by a local, went for a paella cooking session in Madrid (even though I have no clue about cooking) and have had so many more such experiences.

That is why I was excited when Sterling Holidays and Thrillophilia invited me to a blogger event in Bangalore last weekend. We were only told that the theme was #HolidayDifferently and I was definitely interested to see what it was about.

Experiential Travel With Sterling Holidays In India
Bangalore Travel Bloggers Pic Credit: Sterling Holidays

Experiential Travel With Sterling Holidays In India

So what is changing at Sterling Holidays?

There are lots of changes happening at Sterling Holidays. Sterling Holiday Resorts have been quite popular around India and they have around 29 destinations across India. But for the past 1.5 years, they have been slowly revamping their brand and their resorts across India. And I am definitely impressed with the new and improved Sterling Holidays.

Mr Peshwa Acharya, CMO of Sterling holidays took us through the various changes that the brand has gone through the past few years.

#HolidayDifferently with Sterling Holidays Discovery Trails

Sterling Holidays have realised the rise of experiential travel and they have decided to jump on the bandwagon ahead of their peers in the Indian travel industry. One of their main themes going forward is to focus on the experience. And it is refreshing to see a brand who is a forerunner in the accommodation industry rebranding themselves to focus on the customer experience.

What have we been used till now? We would visit a place like Ooty and then go on to tick off all the touristy places as prescribed by a guide. But wouldn’t you love to go experience the lifestyle of the Todas (a pastoral tribe in Ooty)? Or go on a food and cultural trail in Dindi in Coastal Andhra Pradesh to discover Pootharekulu (paper sweet)? And that is exactly what Sterling Holidays Discovery trails are about. Experience the culture, history and learn about the people of the place through their discovery trails.

And they have one suited for each member of the family. So would you love to #HolidayDifferently like Kalyan through the thick forests of Corbett?


Introduction of the new Discovery Mascot, Raja Rex

At the event, we were also introduced to the cute and inquisitive Discovery Mascot, Raja Rex. Raja Rex is modelled after the only dinosaur of Indian origin, Rajasaurus Narmadenis. Raja Rex is already waiting to help you discover different experiences and activities.

100 Days of Joy

Each of the resorts has planned unexpected surprises across 100 days of festivals and events. So that you have more reasons to enjoy your experience at Sterling Holidays when you are there.

Sterling Holidays has also a new logo. Each of the swirls represents a different theme. Royal purple represents rich experiences and discoveries while the warm red represents people’s desire and passion while the yellow swirl represents the energy of diverse places. I love how Sterling Holidays have encompassed the whole idea of experiential travel so simply with this logo.

Experiential Travel With Sterling Holidays In India (#HolidayDifferently)

Holiday Insurance

But the one I was most surprised about was the Holiday insurance. It is the first time I am hearing about how a travel company is offering door to door insurance. The minute you step out of your house, you are offered a Holiday insurance and this stays in place till you return back home from a Sterling Holiday experience. How cool is that?

Parting Thoughts about the revamped brand Sterling Holidays

As the world of travel is changing, it is nice to see brands like Sterling Holidays revamping themselves to enhance the customer experience. I wish Sterling Holidays all the best and I hope that I will get an opportunity to experience the Sterling Holidays lifestyle for myself this year.

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