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I have been accused of not writing much about the city I live in. It is not intentional but there are lots of people who write about Bangalore regularly and I did not want to be another one. But since this is the 100th published post on this blog, I wanted to write something about the city I have gotten to love over the past 12 years. It was difficult choosing just one topic but I finally decided to combine my love of food, travel and luxury and write a post about best fine dining restaurants in Bangalore.

All fine dine restaurants in Bangalore that are listed here are based on personal experience and hence this will be a growing list. Over the past 12 years, we have dined at various best dining restaurants in Bangalore. Some restaurants/ areas may not be listed here just because they are too far away from us.

So, what do you mean by fine dining? This is how wiki defines fine dining.

“Fine dining restaurants are full-service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. Décor of such restaurants features higher-quality materials, with establishments having certain rules of dining which visitors are generally expected to follow, often including a dress code”.

Many people are of the notion that you won’t get tasty food if you go for luxurious restaurants in Bangalore but I have to disagree. There are some really good ones and most of the time you pay for the best service and amazing ambience in addition to the delicious food in these restaurants.

I used Zomato’s categorization of 5 star dining restaurants in Bangalore and I haven’t been to any on that list which has a rating of less than 3.5. This list is in no particular order. So, read on to find out about my experience at some of the fine dining Bangalore restaurants.

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Table Of Contents

Top Fine Dining Restaurants In Bangalore

Masala Klub, Taj West End, Race Course Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Even though I said the list is no particular order, I will definitely start with one of my favourites in Bangalore. Fine Dining at the Masala Klub is an experience in itself and we have been there multiple times. We always go for dinner and we end up choosing the set meal. It is basically a 5-course meal which starts with Rasam, followed by starters, main course and desserts with a Sorbet thrown in between to cleanse the palette. The whole meal is supposed to be a lazy meal and you can end up spending few hours in this place. Food is delicious.

Service: Impeccable but like I mentioned above, it is by design a slow service.

Ambience: It is a restaurant in one of the grandest hotels in Bangalore. Always opt for an outdoor seating and you will not know how time flies by.

Cuisine: Indian

Cost: Very Expensive. The set meal can cost upto 3000 Rs plus taxes for one non-vegetarian meal without drinks.

A photo of a refreshing sorbet served at Taj Westend

Mynt, Taj West End, Race Course Road, Bangalore – One of the best Fine Dining Restaurants Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We went here for my birthday last year and we decided to try out the A la carte option. The food was delicious and the chef was kind enough to make a dish exclusively suited to our tastes.

Service: Again, the service is impeccable.

Ambience: It is a restaurant in one of the grandest hotels in Bangalore. It is not as grand as Masala Klub but still pretty impressive. Mostly indoor seating.

Cuisine: North Indian and Italian

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for 2 people without alcohol.

Special Note: I haven’t been to Blue Ginger, Taj Westend but my sister claims it is one of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore. A normal romantic dinner for two cost them around Rs 11000 with drinks.

Windmill Craftworks, Whitefield, Bangalore – Fancy Restaurants in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: This is another favourite of mine. I first went here for my birthday a couple of years ago and I have been a repeat visitor ever since. Many people swear by their beers brewed in-house and the food is extremely delicious too. They have a lot of fun cocktails too. It is difficult to get a table here because of the proximity to IT parks. I love the music they play here. They do have live shows but I haven’t been to one yet.

Service: Orders are taken through tabs but it doesn’t always work.

Ambience: Love the ambience of the place. It is a lazy setting surrounded by lots of books. It is perfect for a book worm like me, even though I have never managed to read here.

Cuisine: North Indian and American

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for two people with food and alcohol.

This is a photo of a paneer dish served at windmills in Bangalore

JW Kitchen, JW Marriott, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: I really didn’t like my experience at the JW kitchen. We went on a weekday and it was still quite crowded. Even though the buffet spread is huge, we did not like the taste of most of the dishes. This was the general consensus among our party of 10.

 Service: We were there for a birthday. Even though I had taken prior permission to cut the cake at the hotel, they didn’t allow us to cut the cake once we got there. They should have just told us beforehand.

 Ambience: It is a little congested

 Cuisine: North Indian and Continental

 Cost: Around Rs 2200 for two people for food.

Caperberry, UB City, Lavelle Road, Bangalore – Best fine dining in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: I have been here multiple times when they were still located at their previous location. They have a European inspired degustation meal and that is one of my favourites meals in the city. Their desserts are out of this world and I had an opportunity to sample them again when I had gone for the Dessert trail last year.

 Service: Staff is quite friendly.

Ambience: I used to love the ambience. But now they have both Fava and Caperberry at the same location and I find it a bit congested.

 Cuisine: Spanish, Italian, European

 Cost: Degustation meal costs around Rs 2250 for Vegetarians and Rs 2750 for non-vegetarians.

This is a chocolate dessert served at Caperberry in Bangalore


Rim Naam, The Oberoi, MG Road, Bangalore – luxury dining in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: It has been many years since I have been to Rim Naam at the Oberoi. But if you are looking for a Thai place in the city and looking for some privacy, then Rim Naam is the place for you. This is also one of the best fine dine restaurants in Bangalore for candlelight dinner.

 Service: Very good

 Ambience: They have an outdoor seating as well. Perfect for a romantic setting.

Cuisine: Thai

Cost: Around Rs 3500+ for 2 people

Le Jardin, The Oberoi, MG Road, Bangalore – Luxury Restaurants in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: The last time we were here, we ended up having the North Indian thali and it was definitely delicious. I think it is high time that we revisit this place.

Service: Quite good

 Ambience: I love the ambience inside the Oberoi and this is one of the biggest restaurants they have at the Oberoi.

 Cuisine: European and North Indian

 Cost: Around Rs 3000 for two people.

Szechwan Court, The Oberoi, MG Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We call this the night of the big revenge. My cousin did his internship at the Oberoi after his Bachelors in Hospitality Management and he really wanted to go back as a guest. So yes, we did for his birthday with a bunch of kids who ended up ordering almost everything on the menu. But the lotus stem dish I had here is one of the tastiest things I have had in Chinese cuisine. And like you guessed, the food bill was as high as you can expect.

Service: My cousin knew the staff there and everyone was super helpful and friendly.

Ambience: Classy interiors

Cuisine: Chinese

Cost: Around Rs2000 per person

Nimisserie, Brigade Road, Bangalore – (Closed )

Our Dining Experience: They have a really interesting menu and they mostly do fusion cuisine. The concept is quite unique but I cannot really comment after one experience. We opted for the 5-course meal which costs around Rs 950. Some of the dishes were really good but some were not up to the mark.

Service: Nothing much to say.

Ambience: I loved the classy interiors with large glass windows facing onto the main road.

Cuisine: Modern Indian

Cost: 5-course meal costs around Rs950 and 7-course costs around Rs1950 per person.

This is a photo of a starter served at Nimmisserie in Bangalore

Sanctum, Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Sanctum is that place that is different during weekdays and weekends. During weekends, it becomes this party place and you can dance the night away. But during weekdays, they provide a buffet for around Rs 700 – Rs900 and it was one of the worst buffets I have eaten in Bangalore.

Service: They are very courteous and always know how to make you order more.

Ambience: They have a large space and it can be a good dance floor during weekends.

Cuisine: Mediterranean, North Indian

Cost: It can start from Rs900 per person. Once we ended up paying almost 30,000 for around 10 of us during a weekend party.

Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia, Residency Road, Bangalore – Expensive Restaurants in Bangalore 

Our Dining Experience: This is definitely one of the best 5-star buffet restaurants in Bangalore. The spread is huge and there are so many options to choose from. Also, everything is delicious and they have definitely maintained their standard over the years. I am in love with their desserts.

Service: You really don’t need much of a service since it is a buffet. Quite friendly and courteous staff.

Ambience: One section is dedicated to the food and one for the tables. The whole lobby area is pretty impressive and the last time we were here, the nephew was running around the place.

Cuisine: European, Continental, Pan Asian

Cost: Around Rs1750 + taxes for the buffet.

Karavalli, Vivanta Bengaluru , Residency Road, Bangalore – 5 star restaurants in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We went to Karavalli with high hopes but we were really disappointed. We went here on Dad’s birthday since he loves to eat fish and we had heard Karavalli is good for fish dishes. But that was the big problem. They didn’t have too many vegetarian options for us. Also, since they focus on Kerala and Mangalorean cuisine, which is what we eat at home on a daily basis, we did not feel that any of the dishes were up to par.

Service: They were quite courteous.

Ambience: It is quite small compared to other restaurants in star hotels. Felt it was too congested.

Cuisine: South Indian mainly Mangalorean and Kerala cuisine

Cost: Around Rs 3000 for two people

12th Main, Grand Mercure, Koramangala, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We were here a couple of weeks ago. They have a buffet but the number of items they have in their buffet is comparatively less. The food is definitely decent but it is not much to write about. But if you are looking for places for small family gatherings, then it is a nice place. We celebrated my nephew’s first birthday here and this time too he spent the entire time running after the goldfishes here.

Service: We made their lives totally miserable during his birthday but they were still quite patient with us.

Ambience: They have an indoor and outdoor dining area and both can be used for small functions.

Cuisine: Asian, European

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for 2 people

4 Golden fishes swimming at a restaurant in Bangalore

Latitude, Vivanta By Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We were here for last Christmas and I am still conflicted about the whole experience. Even though it was Christmas, there were very few people around. It was a lunch buffet. There were many options too. The main dishes were decent enough but none of us really liked the starters.

Service: Even though the little brat was running around the place, they were really patient and always smiling. The little guy tried his luck with the lady who was singing live.

Ambience: It is a huge area and they had really decked up the place for Christmas.

Cuisine: North Indian, Continental

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for two people

Terracotta, Vivanta By Taj, Whitefield, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Another place that did not make much of an impression. Even though we opted for A La Carte and it was supposedly Afghani food, it was not something that made a good impression on us.

Service: As mediocre as the place.

Ambience: It is not that big a restaurant and it was sparsely crowded the day we went.

Cuisine: Afghani, Lucknowi, North Indian

Cost: Around Rs 3000 for two people for A La Carte meal.

Yauatcha, 1 Mg Road, Mg Road, Bangalore – Good restaurants in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Yauatcha has an interesting set meal through the week and I don’t think this is available during the weekend. I am not a big fan of Chinese but it was an interesting experience. The meal consists of 4 courses with the first course being a soup or salad followed by Dim Sums, then the Mains where you can choose a gravy with rice or noodles and it ends with a dessert of your choice. For every course, you can choose from the options available. My favorites were the Dimsums.

Service: It was good.

Ambience: It is quite big and you can see the live kitchen.

Cuisine: Chinese

Cost: Around 900+ taxes and 1000+ taxes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians on weekdays for the set meal.

Photo of an exquisite dessert served at Yuatcha in Bangalore
Pic Credit: Anil Menon

Graze, Vivanta By Taj, MG Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We usually don’t opt for European when we go with our parents but since it was Taj, we decided to give the place a try. It doesn’t live up to expectations and we were mightily disappointed with the place.

Service: Good staff

Ambience: Nothing spectacular to write about.

Cuisine: European and Continental

Cost: Around Rs 2000 per person with taxes

Feast, Sheraton, Brigade Gateway, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: It has been few years since we went to the place. The food was really delicious and the buffet spread was quite huge too. My mom really liked the place. But we don’t go often here since it is quite far from our place. This place also makes it to the list of best buffet restaurants in Bangalore.

Service: Very Good service

Ambience: It is one of the most opulent restaurants in Bangalore. Very grand and majestic.

Cuisine: North Indian and Continental

Cost: Around Rs2000 + taxes per person for the buffet.

Safron, Shangri-La Hotel, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We went here last month for my sister’s birthday. It is on the 18th floor and hence you have a nice view of Bangalore from up there. But that is the only good part. None of us were very impressed with the food or the service. It was not on par with other top restaurants in Bangalore. We were 5 adults with two kids (my cousins aged 11 and 5). The five-year-old hardly ate anything other than curd and rice. Initially, even though they had told us that they won’t charge for her, they ended up charging half price for both the kids. We had chosen the North Indian set meal option and the whole bill came up to around Rs 20k (without alcohol), which was not justified for 5 adults and 2 kids. (We have definitely paid more than this but in this case, the price was definitely not justified, at least for curd and rice.)

 Service: They were really slow and inattentive. We had to really try hard to get their attention.

 Ambience: The view from the restaurant is quite nice.

Cuisine: North Indian

Cost: Very expensive. Around 20k for 5 adults and 2 kids.

A photo of a restaurant inside Shangrilla in Bangalore

 The Pink Poppadom, Hyatt Bangalore, MG Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We were a large dinner party and decided to drop in on a Sunday evening. The concept is nice and it is a basically a fusion of Indian and French/Continental cuisine. But what I won’t forget is the lizard we found here which kind of ruined our dining experience.

Service: They did help us to shift the table once we spotted the lizard.

Ambience: It used to be an open kitchen back then but not sure what it is right now.

Cuisine: North Indian/French/Continental Fusion cuisine.

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for two people

Lido, Hyatt Bangalore, MG Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We have been here few times and it is a decent buffet if you are too lazy to cook on a Sunday afternoon.

Service: Nothing much to write about

Ambience: It is by the pool and that adds to the charm of the place.

Cuisine: European and Pan Asian.

Cost: Around Rs 2500 for two people

Citrus, The Leela Palace, Old Airport Road, Bangalore -Best Restaurants in Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Even after 2 years, I still reiterate that this is one of the best breakfast buffets in Bangalore. I have been here countless times and I love the variety of both continental and Indian choices available for breakfast. I have only gone here for the breakfast buffet. Pancakes, waffles, delicious eggs and a lot more.


Service: They are quite friendly and courteous.

Ambience: I love the ambience of the Leela hotel and I love the pastry shop that adorns the entry to this restaurant.

Cuisine: Continental and Indian

Cost: Around Rs 1300 for breakfast on weekdays.

Jamavar, The Leela Palace, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: Another place I am conflicted about. We had gone here during one of our business meetings and ended up having lunch on a Sunday. We had opted for A La Carte and some of the dishes, especially the starters were really good. But mom had a really bad allergic reaction after dining at this place. We had mentioned that she was allergic to mushrooms. Even though they assured us that mushrooms were only in one dish (which she did not have), the food did not go quite well with her.

Service: Very friendly and attentive staff.

Ambience: They have both outdoor and indoor seating. We preferred to sit outside since it was quite cool that day

Cuisine: Indian

Cost: We paid around Rs 15k for 8 of us.

Limelight, Royal Orchid Hotel, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: I am surprised that they classified this as one of the fine dining restaurants in Bangalore. Totally sub par food quality and service. One of those places we don’t like going back to. Last time I was here for an office party.

Service: Not that good.

Ambience: They have both indoor and outdoor seating.

Cuisine: North Indian and Continental.

Cost: Around Rs 2000 for two people.

Saffron, Hotel Park Plaza, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We went here for Diwali last year. Since it was Diwali, there was only one other family there. We opted for A La Carte and we found the food to be decent but not as overhyped as it is made out to be. The thing I will not forget are the mosquitos and we were surrounded by them the whole night, even though we were seating inside.

Service: We did tell them about the mosquitos but they were not able to do anything about them. Not what you expect from a top fine dining restaurant in Bangalore.

Ambience: It was decent. Low lighting with few tables/sofas.

Cuisine: North Indian and Mughalai

Cost: Around Rs 3000 for two people

The Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor, Sankey Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: After Citrus at Leela, this is one of my favourite breakfast buffet restaurants in Bangalore. Before when I was working with Infosys, I used to always head here for breakfast if I was landing in Bangalore on a Monday morning. I used to park my car at the airport if I was going for a weekend trip and this place was on the way to Infosys from the airport. The spread is again similar to the Cubbon Pavilion and there are too many options to choose from. I have had the lunch buffet as well and both the breakfast and lunch buffet were delicious. This is one of the few hotels that has a dinner buffet in Bangalore.

Service: I love the staff here

Ambience: I love the classy white interiors of the place. It is so fresh and open

Cuisine: Continental and Indian.

Cost: Around Rs 1500 + taxes for a lunch buffet and Rs 900 + taxes for breakfast buffet.

Riwaz, Ritz Carlton, Residency Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We were here for mom’s birthday dinner this year. It was quite deserted on a Saturday night which meant that we could have our dinner in peace. I liked the starters but I was not that impressed with the main course. Only a second visit can clarify if this one is good or not.

Service: They were very sweet. We had actually called them beforehand and asked them to get a cake and bouquet of flowers.

Ambience: The wine room was a nice addition.

Cuisine: North Indian

Cost: Around Rs 4000 for 2 people

A photo of 3 desserts served at Ritz Carlton in Bangalore; a cupcake, a pastry and a triffle
Ritz Carlton – The Market

La Brasserie, Le Meridien, Sankey Road, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: This was one of those places I tried for breakfast when I used to drive from the airport to Electronics city. But I never liked it as much as ITC Windsor and never went back.

Service: I don’t really remember.

Ambience: I like the ambience of the Le Meridien and this translates down to the restaurant as well.

Cuisine: North Indian and Continental

Cost: Around Rs 900 + taxes for one person for breakfast buffet.

East, Crowne Plaza, Electronics City, Bangalore

Our Dining Experience: We used to frequently go here for lunch when I was still working in Electronics city. But other than the fact this was the only star hotel nearby, there is nothing good about the place. The food was mostly bland and the service was terrible. They had these executive lunch packages which were quite affordable.

Service: Nothing much to write about

Ambience: Very plain

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Cost: Around Rs 900 per person

Frequently Asked Questions about fine dining in Bangalore

These are some of the frequently asked questions I get when it comes to best 5 star restaurants in Bangalore:

What are the most expensive restaurants in Bangalore?

Most of the restaurants mentioned in the above list are expensive. But some of the most expensive would be Grasshopper, Le Cirque at Leela Palace, Masala Klub at Taj Westend etc.

Is there a Michelin star restaurant in Bangalore?

Unfortunately Bangalore does not have any Michelin star restaurants. Hopefully they will add a few from this list soon.

How do I find fine dining restaurants near me?

I usually use Google or Zomato to find the nearest fine dining restaurant near me.


So, there you go. The list of all the fine dining restaurants in Bangalore that we have been to. This will be updated on a regular basis as and when we visit the place.

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  2. A fine choice for 100th post! 🙂 The wallet factor is indeed high in most of these. I had the good fortune of making to some of these courtesy food blogging invites. 😛 :)Just a couple of them I have visited on my own on some occasion.

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  7. This is a delicious list of restaurants in Bangalore for your 100th post ;), since one of us (Hema) stays in Bangalore now this is very helpful… 🙂

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  12. Congratulations on the 100th post! We are massive foodies and reading your post has got us feeling hungry! We had no idea there were so many fine dining restaurants in Bangalore. Fine dining can be expensive but sometimes you have to treat yourself! If we ever visit Bangalore we will keep these in mind, thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the list of places to eat. I will be sure to share this with my friends who often ask me where to eat 🙂

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