Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna: My impressions

I stayed for a couple of days at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna and I loved my time at this chic and modern hotel, just minutes from train station.
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You are reaching after a long night’s journey and you are exhausted. You just want a bed and to sleep for a while after a quick shower. The bus journey was more than 10 hours and you slept sporadically on the bus. Also, your feet look like baby elephants. You wanted to take a train, however, none were available. And you know that you will have to wait till 2 pm to get a room.

So after a long journey from Strasbourg to Vienna, I reached Vienna, Austria around 9 in the morning. By the time I reached the hotel, it was after 10 AM. Since it was too early for check in, my receptionist asked me to drop my luggage at the reception and come back after 2 PM.

Restaurants at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Hauptbahnhof

Since I was hungry (no surprise there), I decided to have something in the only restaurant, Pergola, that was open at that time. I missed breakfast by 10 minutes. They had only apple strudel and I ended up having two with milk. What a delicious combination that was. My mom’s favorite dessert happens to be apple pie and I did remember you, Amma, while eating that apple strudel.
Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna: Apple Strudel

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Pergola
Pergola, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

As I was leaving the hotel for exploring the city, the receptionist called out to me and told me that a room was available. I thanked all my stars and I got to my room. I decided to shower later and immediately plonked on the bed, only to fall asleep in 5 minutes. The beauty of solo travel. No one to bother you if you decide to shower later.

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Bedroom
Bedroom, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Rooms

I slept soundly and woke up many hours later realise that I had to rush to catch my show at the opera house. That was how good my room and bed was at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna. After a pleasant rain shower (finally), I went downstairs to have a quick lunch before rushing off to the opera.

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna Bathroom
Bathroom, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Bedside Table Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Accessibility from Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna is a four-star hotel located in the Sondewesse region of Vienna. It is 5 minutes by walk from the new Central station, Hauptbahnof. I did not end up using the central station since I either took a cab or a hop on – hop off tour to get anywhere in Vienna. The nearest hop on – hop off tour was only 10 minutes by walk from the hotel.

This hotel is ideal for travelers looking to spend a couple of days in Vienna but do not want to stay close to the bustle of the old town. Since it is highly accessible, it was a perfect location for me. When I saw the large desk in the room, I just wanted to sit and write for days together.

The funny thing about the bathroom is that it is partially open. The commode is separate and that can be closed. So this can get awkward if you are traveling with friends and relatives who are not your respective spouses (we had faced a similar issue when we were traveling with our cousin in Sydney.

Every time my sister or I had to take a shower, my cousin had to step out of the room). Even though many reviews mentioned there was no mini fridge in the room, I felt that the vending machine on my floor was perfect. This way I had more options to choose from when I wanted a snack in the middle of the night.

Check out latest prices and reviews for Zeitgeist Vienna below:
TripAdvisor | Booking

Hallway Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Hallway, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Breakfast at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Breakfast every day was a lavish affair and I always ate my fill. They also had decent vegetarian options. Another thing I liked was the ample space for the restaurants. It was much airier and comfortable compared to many other restaurants. They even have an outside seating area. Since it caters to a business traveler crowd, I did see many meetings happening in the bar.

One day, I sneaked off to the rooftop gym and was blown over by the view from there. As usual, I did not get a chance to use the facilities but for business travelers, the gym and the sauna can be an added advantage. They also have paid underground parking and free wifi, making the hotel more appealing to a business traveler. Also, the friendly staff are always there to make your stay even more comfortable.

View Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
View, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
View Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Outdoor Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Nice Place to relax
Outdoors, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna
Outdoors, Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna

Overall, I had a nice time at Hotel Zeitgeist and I would definitely stay here if I went back to Vienna.

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22 thoughts on “Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna: My impressions”

  1. Oh my home town ❤ Sounds like you had a great time in Vienna, maybe I'll play tourist one day and give that hotel a try!

  2. Problem with eurpean hotels is most of them never provide any Tea/Coffee maker and kettle in the room .. Which i really miss. But overall the hotel looks decent

  3. Mmmm that Apple Strudel! Yum. I visited Vienna for a day and feel like I barely saw any of it. Yours looks like a lovely trip! Would you go back??

  4. It's always great hotels do find a room for you before the check-in time. Sometimes all you want is to sleep, and even a couch would do, right? That apple strudel looks fantastic, I remember how good Viennese strudels are. 🙂

  5. What a lovely hotel, and l am glad they were able to accommodate you earlier, bet you were relieved. The apple strudel looks sinful and l would have enjoyed it.

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