Seeing the World Through Soumya’s eyes

It is not that I get too much fun referring to myself in the third person (or maybe I do). But that is what my close friend told me when I posted a picture from my European trip. That is a huge responsibility and I am terrified that I won’t live up to her expectations. 
So many questions haunt me. What if I can’t?  I know that she currently can’t travel the world like me for various reasons. What if I don’t do enough?  Will I make it better for her or will she curse me for my ability to travel the World? There is so much to see and so less time to see.
But then I forget all that when I see the view before me. Take a look at it yourself. That is when I realise that I have to disconnect myself from everything (which is difficult since I am so used to being online all the time.) and see this amazing world through my eyes. Because someone depends on these eyes to see the world for the time being.
All pictures are from Algarvae, Portugal:


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