Tanzania: A Photo Story

I grew up in Tanzania and in this post, I take you around my favourite place in the world, Tanzania. A Tanzania photo story.

Written by: Soumya Nambiar

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Tanzania, how can you not fall in love with this country? I spent my growing (17) years in this beautiful country and there is not even a single day that I don’t wish to go back. I spent my childhood days here. Maybe that is why I associate happiness to this place. Who wouldn’t want to go back to their crazy childhood days when everything was hunky dory and we did not have a care in this world?

I have been doing a series of Tanzania posts on my Instagram for the last few weeks. I just wanted to capture the same through a photo story.  I know why I hate zoos and I hope you feel the same after seeing some of the pictures here.  I hope I have inspired at least some of you to take a safari.

There were thousands of pictures but filtering them down to only 20+ pictures was the difficult part. Maybe I will do another series in the future but for now, take in the beauty of Tanzania with these pictures. It is really a gorgeous country.

All pictures except one are credited to my brother in law Anil Menon and my sister Kavya Nambiar from their recent trip to Tanzania. The exception is a photo clicked by my other brother in law, Nishanth Nottath. Come fall in love with my favourite country through the frames captured by them.
I don’t have any food pictures here but check out these Tanzanian recipes.

 Tanzania Photo Story: Zanzibar

 Yes the photos are finally here. I have been pestering my sister and brother in law to upload the pictures from their #Tanzania trip and she finally uploaded it last weekend. For people who didn’t know , I was supposed to go to Tanzania with them but then I finally changed my mind and went to Europe instead. I grew up in Tanzania and spent 17 years of my life there. So for the next two weeks, Tanzania is the theme and come fall in love with my favorite country through my brother in law’s lens. Somewhere in Zanzibar.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Zanzibar Boats

 #Beaches of Zanzibar are gorgeous. There is not a single day that I do not wish to go back to Africa. It is a feeling you cannot describe and anyone who grew up in #africa can relate to it. So we are having Tanzania theme for the next two weeks featuring photos by my brother in law . Have you ever been?A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Zanzibar Beaches

 When did I first fall in love with endless horizons? It must have been when we were kids. It used to be a monthly affair for us to go to the #beach in Dar. In the mornings ,the tide would still be far out and we would wander off deep into the sea hoping that the tide would come soon. Finally when the ocean came closer and closer to the beach, we would have a gala time trying to jump with the rhythm of the waves of the ocean. I remember those endless horizons and it was always a difficult task to weed us out from the ocean at the end of the day. In spite of the numerous stings on our legs. What is your favourite beach memory? #Tanzania through my brother in laws lenses. #AfricaA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Sunsets

 Nothing can beat the African #sunsets. Don’t you agree? There are no filters here. As raw as it can get. #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens #Africa Also my travel blog has been live for exactly one year today.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Plains

 The lonely tree. In #African bushes you can sometimes go miles before you see another human or animal. It is apt no for people like us. I would like to run off to the bushes right now. #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Lake

 Blue skies and water. Greenery all around. Brown earth. And just to add a few pink flamingos to brighten up the photo. #Africa #tanzania through my brother in law’s lensA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Maasai

 So I thought I will take a break from the beauty of nature to post a photo of a beautiful Maasai of #Tanzania in traditional garb. #Africa through my brother in law’s lens.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Tortoises

 Aren’t these giant tortoises absolutely adorable? You can find these only in some parts of the world, one such island in Zanzibar. #tanzania #Africa #animalphotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Hippos

 My nephew is a huge fan of Madagascar and I wish I could take him to see so many real life Glorias one day. Wildlife is something I grew up with and I hate visiting zoos. I don’t think we as humans have any right to take them from their natural habitat. It is wildlife week and you get to see #Tanzania through my brothers in law’s lenses. #Africa #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Giraffe

 In my opinion I love this giraffe. So today presenting to you a real life version of Melman. Did you check out Glorias yesterday? #africa #tanzania #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Zebra

 So are Zebras black animals with white stripes or white animals with black stripes? So what do you think? Then why do you think one of these zebras is brown? #wildlifephotography #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens. #AfricaA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Mating

 Lion: “It is finally nice to have some shade. Ha look who do we have here? She does look tempting from here” Lioness: “oh oh looks like he saw me” Lion:” come honey, let us go have a quick lay” Lioness: ” Yes let’s. Who cares if there are so many humans around?” Sorry for the cheesy dialogues but this is something you get to see often if you go on an African Safari . Miracles of #nature . #Africa #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Lone Lion

 Alone he sits. Without a care in this world. After all, why should he worry? He is after all the king of the jungle. In spite of the vastness, his majesty makes his presence felt. #tanzania #Africa through my brother in law’s lens. #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Bird Watching

 There are too many species of birds in the plains of #Tanzania . I am not a bird watcher but you cannot not fall in love with gorgeous birds like this. #africa through my brother in law’s lens. #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Elephant

 There was a discussion among the three of us the other day on which elephant picture to post. There were too many to choose from. But for now, I fell in love with this adorable fella. So I chose this one. #Tanzania and #Africa through my brother in law’s lens. Btw this was one of the few pictures clicked by my sister. #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Buffalo

 Another one with a wild buffalo and the horizon and the endless plains . Don’t you just love #Africa and #Tanzania like I do? #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Cheetah

 Even though this picture is a few years old, I thought a series about #Tanzania will not be complete without a cheetah picture. This one was captured by my other brother in law and remains one of my favorite pictures. Also Happy birthday to my darling nephew. You remind me of this cheetah every day. Hope you have a happy 2nd birthday. #Africa #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Serengeti Migration

 Every year thousands of zebras and wildebeests migrate from Tanzania to Kenya in search of rains. Similarly by the end of the year they migrate back in search of greener pastures. This is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. You have to see it to believe it. It is really a wonder. #tanzania through my brother in law’s lens. #africa #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Beauty and the Beast

 They say that the lion/lioness is scared of only two animals, the elephant and the buffalo. Two of the animals in the same frame. #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens. #africa #wildlifephotography . I am on the road for the next two days.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Leopard

 “How many of you can say that you have seen eye to eye with a leopard? I can say that “. That caption is apt for this photo and was coined by my sister. Leopards are elusive animals and many people go back from a Safari without ever seeing them. This time, someone had spotted a leopard around these parts. So the guide went looking for it and luckily found it. It was sleeping and the minute it got up, a series of photos were shot. Anytime a leopard is spotted, radio messages are transmitted and if any other vehicles are nearby, they can also come to the spot to see this elusive creature. Have you ever seen one in its natural habitat? #Africa and #Tanzania through my brother in law’s lens. #wildlifephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

 Tanzania Photo Story: Ode to Africa

 Even though I said that I will do two weeks of #Tanzania pictures, it eventually extended much beyond that. That is what #Africa does to you. You are a changed person and you can never be the same person. Growing up in Africa was an experience and I will never forget the days I spent in Tanzania. I don’t know why I chose a black and white picture. But I just loved this picture and it somehow reminded me a lot of Africa today. So it is the end of the African series but fret not, it is live now on the blog for everyone to enjoy. Special thanks to my brother in law for allowing me to use his awesome pictures. So adios till I figure out my next theme. I think I will take a couple of days break from Instagram till then. #naturephotographyA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

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Tanzania: A Photo Story
Tanzania: A Photo Story

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