The Day I decided To Let Go

The day I finally clicked on that ‘E-Sep’ button, I was upset. There I was this practical person and suddenly all that went out of the door. I had to go out for a walk to clear my head. That is when I realized it. Infosys has been part and parcel of my life for more than 9 years and I didn’t realize the significance of it till I finally decided to let go.

Infosys Chennai
Me At Infosys Chennai

I am someone who is fixated on memories and I love jotting down these memories whenever I travel. Infosys certainly has given me a lifetime of memories. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. The day I walked into the Mysore campus and excitedly called my parents to tell them I was living in 5-star accommodation. Skipping breakfast just so that I could reach class in time. Going out for dinner every night since the food at Mysore DC was inedible. Those weekly road trips to Bangalore with friends. Enjoying the Mysore campus during most of my training there and then try to cram everything on the day before the test. Then getting posted to Bangalore. Those early days of trying to get your first real project. Countless hours commuting in Bangalore traffic. The almost futile attempt to catch the bus in the morning. Hanging out with the ‘Illuminati of Infosys’ at multiple STRAP events as a member of VOY. Swimming in the pool during summers. Walking around the beautiful campus. Those countless fun project parties and trips with colleagues/ friends. Never being on bench. 
Infosys Bangalore
Infosys Bangalore
You get the gist right. If I start listing down all my memories, I can fill multiple pages and no one has time for that. But I cannot leave without listing the things I have been grateful for at Infy. We take the world-class architecture at Infosys for granted and I am definitely going to miss it. I have made innumerable friends and over the years I have fought, played, laughed alongside many of them. There is no denying the fact that I stayed here for so long only because of my managers, Purush and Divya. I have never seen anyone like Purush who always has the best interests of his team. Someone who will stand behind you every step of the way, making sure that we don’t fall but always giving us our personal space so that our creativity is not hampered. Someone who understood my need to escape once every few weeks. Divya on the other hand for just being Divya. I think an award has to be given to him for handling all my eccentricities and escapades.
The journey from being the only team member to leading a team has been very interesting. We now have a very enthusiastic group of youngsters and their energy is infectious. I wish them all the best and to remember that sky is the limit. I didn’t realize till my sister told me that I was going to miss the competence level that we take so much for granted in the corporate sector. I am eternally grateful to all my mentors, peers and everyone who helped me in every aspect during this journey.
Everyone is part of at least one club at Infy. I was part of multiple clubs but the one that is closest to my heart is Infyblogs, the blog community that was prevalent before Infy Bubble (I never got InfyBubble.) Even before I became an official writer, the friends I made here were the ones who used to read all what I wrote, even the crappy ones. Most of them have moved out and Infyblogs is not active anymore but those golden days of Infyblogs will be cherished by all of us.
Infosys Bangalore
Infosys Bangalore
Last but not the least how can I forget my beloved ‘My Application’. You have given me many sleepless nights and working weekends. You have made me infamous in the eyes of many. There was a time when everyone in the department knew whom to contact if ‘My Application’ went down (which was always on a routine, every Monday morning). But what would have I done with you? Working with you has definitely been advantageous. There was never enough time to accommodate everyone’s requirements.
Infosys Bangalore
Infosys Bangalore
Before people think I am completely crazy, I need to stop. I wish everyone all the best and hoping that I did not intentionally cause harm to anyone over the past 9 years. 
Goodbyes are not eternal. Maybe one day I will come back. But for now I need to go out and chase my family’s entrepreneurial and my B-School dream.


  1. Post is as interesting as you are Soumya!! Have a great journey ahead. We are waiting to read your travel experience; At least I am 🙂 All the best.

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