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Looking to book your trip now? Find some of my favorite resources I use while booking my trip. You can also find my travel gear here.

Book Your Flight

I am a Skyscanner fan when it comes to booking international flights. I use Makemytrip and Yatra for domestic flights.

Book Accommodation

Booking is my go to resource for booking hotel accommodation and I use Airbnb for booking my homestays. I also compare prices on Tripadvisor always.

Travel Insurance

As an Indian, I prefer ICICILombard and I am always insured when I am traveling outside India. In addition, I have used World Nomads and SafetyWing for some of my trips.

Book Tours

I do go on a lot of day tours especially when I am traveling solo. Depending on convenience, my choices are Viator or Getyourguide.

Unforgettable Memories from our Australian Trip

Awards Australia

I did receive quite a decent number of good feedback for my last post. Hopefully, that has instilled in me some kind of passion to keep my blog updated. Thank you all for giving me the inspiration to continue writing. Hopefully, the next vacation which is planned for July will be updated much sooner. Australia …

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Australian Summer

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Australian Summer. Experiences at Australia. Bangalore ->Singapore -> Sydney -> Canberra -> Perth -> Melbourne -> Tasmania -> Sydney -> BangaloreI had wanted to write about my Australian Summer for so long now. Well, 6 months are up and I thought it was high time I jotted down something before I completely forget about the …

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‘Famous Books’ Quiz

Places to visit in Europe Book Cover

Which book and the author come to your mind with the below clues?1. Phi2. Briony Tallis3. Big Brother4. Tour De France.5. Recalled to Life6. My Precious7. Pieta8. If you want something bad enough, the whole world conspires to help you get it9. John Galt10. Paris Sewers11. You better not never tell nobody but God12. Life …

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Where are my Choo Choos?

Two girls at the beach

I guess each one of us has those childhood memories which either we can’t forget or won’t forget because everyone else thought it was too cute and keep embarrassing you as often as they can. Just to recollect a few. 1. Achan and amma had left both of us( for the ignorant lot I am …

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The wind on my face in the morning makes me smile. Babies make me smile. A kid’s innocence makes me smile. Gazing at the stars and wondering about them makes me smile. Friends make me smile… Music and books make me smile. Thinking about my bed makes me smile. My idiocracies make me smile. My …

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Everything Happens for a reason

Dad carrying his twins on each arm

He couldn’t have been happier. He was in his 30s married to a beautiful woman. They had 2 kids and a 3rd one was on the way. He had just been offered a great job with a much better package. The only condition they made was that he had to join by the end of …

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Woes of a Fraud Mallu…….

2019 in review wedding

I am tired of hearing it. Anyone who finds it out always tend to ask me ‘u a mallu. You don’t look like it or act like it or speak like one’. So I think it’s apt to say that I belong to a large group of people evident everywhere, the ‘Fraud Mallu’gang. Like someone …

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Travel Tales

Thailand Travel Tips 4

I have been travelling ever since I was a kid. I guess that happens when you have parents who are also fond of travelling or more likely you should have a dad who used to work with an airline and you could go anywhere in the world almost free of cost(at least the airline tickets …

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