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Travel, Books and Food is a Travel/Food/Lifestyle blog by Soumya Nambiar. Soumya is an avid traveler and has been traveling ever since she was a baby. She grew up in Tanzania and she is a self-confessed Africa lover. In August 2015, she decided to start writing about her travels around the world and that is how ‘Travel, Books and Food’ came into being. 

Over the past 6 years, she has written numerous blogs about her adventures around the world. She definitely has plenty of those in close to 45 countries in 6 continents. She focuses on solo female and Indian vegetarian travel with a strong focus on luxury travel.

In such a short span of time, she has already garnered attention from around India and she has been featured in multiple ‘Best Travel Bloggers of India‘ lists. She has also collaborated with multiple prestigious brands, hotels and tourism boards in the past 5 years.


Let us clear some things first


You already know the answer to this one. But let me just repeat that for you. The answer is a big NO. Why, you may ask?
Let me make it a little simpler for you. I have a highly demanding day job. After this demanding day job, I come home most days and then work on my blog till 2AM-3AM. So you do understand the amount of work that has gone in setting up and getting the blog to where it is now. After all this effort, if someone asks you to work free, how would you feel? So let us not demean the value of me and my blog by asking me to work for free.

Travelers, Just looking for Tips?

I always love helping out fellow travelers. If you are one and you would love some tips on places I have been to, shoot me a mail or message me on Insta. I always respond and I don’t charge for this.

Do I allow guest posts?

No, I don’t allow free guest posts. All content in this website has been written by me. I am open to Sponsored posts and if you would like to have a sponsored post written by me, send me an email at [email protected].

Can you reproduce content from my blog without my permission?

No, you cannot. You need explicit permission from me to use any of my travel articles and photographs. All content and photographs on this website are copyrighted by Soumya Nambiar / Travel, Books & Food.

Still interested in working with me?

If you are still interested in working with me, please do send me a mail at [email protected] / [email protected] and I will respond to it as fast as I can.


Vision statement

Work with brands that focus on sustainable travel as well as grow my travel blog to more than 150,000 page views every month in the next one year

Mission statement

To show how to travel around the world with a weak passport, eating vegetarian food with a strong focus on affordable luxury, beach vacations, cultural travel, road trips and short trip itineraries.

Target Audience

International travellers and Indian travellers looking at spending few days at affordable luxury locations.


India Travel, Europe Travel, Central America Travel, Vegetarian Food Travel  & Solo Female/Couple travel


Brand Ambassadorships

I have worked with 100+ brands in the past and in the past 5 years, I have been recommended multiple times by my current/former partners.

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate income is one of the major sources of income for my site. I have partnered with multiple affiliates and generate close to 15k USD every month in affiliate sales.

Press Trips and Destination Campaigns

Partner with me to promote your destinations. I have worked with multiple tourism boards and DMO’s in the past.

Content Marketing

Want someone to write awesome articles for your blog or you want to promote your brand on this blog?

SEO Consultant

I offer SEO consultant services for my clients and I am well versed. I also conduct regular SEO workshops for my clients.

Social Media Management

I offer social media management for some of my clients, especially for Pinterest and Facebook.


95% of the photos on this blog have been taken by me and are available for sale.

Public Speaking

Want someone to speak to your students or employees about being a digital nomad or anything related to blogging?

Product Reviews

I review a variety of travel, related products/services on this blog


Find out some of the benefits of working with us


With extensive travel history, you are bound to get countless stories told in an unique voice from around the world.


Quality of the content is top-notch as well. All articles are written by Soumya and she doesn’t let anything get in the way of quality.


With a top Tier college background, professionalism comes naturally and you will see it during every step of the collaboration.


You choose any medium and you will find that the engagement levels are high compared to the competitors.


With years of expertise and her life as an entrepreneur, Soumya knows what it takes to make every collaboration successful.


ROI is of primary focus here and you can rest assured that you will get the best possible ROI for your collaboration.



I love my blog and I get my highest number of followers/readers from this channel every month. Most of my traffic is from Google organic search. I also know to run ads.

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I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram. I love sharing my photos and stories on Instagram but I hate the fact that it is so difficult to grow on this platform.

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Facebook is definitely one of my favorite social media platforms even though it is not my strongest. I love it for the fact that it helps make so many meaningful connections.

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Pinterest ↗

Pinterest is the strongest social media channel when it comes to followers in my case. I get a steady flow of traffic from Pinterest every month and I love it.

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I have been active on Twitter for more than 10 years now. I still tweet regularly but I am very selective when it comes to using this social media channel.

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I have a tiny youtube channel and I am not very regular when it comes to uploading videos on a frequent basis. Hopefully, this year, all of it will change.

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I am stunned and speechless. 
This is not a review, this is called a tribute. Rarely have we been more flattered! I don’t know how to gratify you. Soumya, a million thanks for your beautiful story-telling.




“I am grateful to you Soumya for helping to spread the good news that is Ireland.  I am sure your post and future posts will prove an incentive for your readers to discover Ireland for themselves.




Would like to thank you for creating this very precise and helpful article. There is so many unreliable, ready to fool options out there but you have saved us a lot of time and effort. Great job.

Sriram Manoharan



This is a great report, Soumya . Thanks! We’ve been trying to get this info from others for sometime now but haven’t been very successful

Muneera Ghosh



Email Me

Email is the best way to reach me and I respond to all my emails.


You can also send me a DM on Instagram. But I don’t check it frequently.


Last option is to send me a message on Facebook. As a backup.


This website contains a few affiliate links. This translates to no extra cost to you but I get a referral bonus if you purchase via the link. I only recommend products we love.

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