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As a traveller and travel blogger who is always on the go, it is important that I have a ready and packed suitcase. So want to know what is in my suitcase? Check out some of the things I always carry on me even if it is a short trip.

travel photography and accessories

I am a budding photographer and I am still learning the tricks of the trade. But most of the photos on this site have been taken using this gear.

I know many people are lazy to carry DSLR’s these days because they are bulky and heavy to carry. But I still love to travel with my Nikon and on most trips, I carry it. I usually travel with my kit lens since I am lazy. I sometimes carry my bigger lens as well.

I don’t travel anywhere without my Iphone 13 Pro Max and it has been a trusted companion ever since I bought it. I also carry an adapter to automatically transfer my photos from my camera to my iPhone. I just bought a tripod and I am hoping to carry this on all my future trips.

DSLR – Nikon 5300 – Base Camera

18-55mm Kit Lens for Nikon D5300

55-300 mm landscape lens for Nikon D5300

Nikon WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter

iPhone 13 Pro for mobile photography

Bonfotto Aluminium Tripod for DSLR’s


I use a Macbook Air. For someone who is prone to accidents and who has actually dropped her Iphone in water, poured coffee on her laptop, I believe insurance is the only way out.

I don’t travel anywhere without my MAC Book Air. As a part-time nomad, I work on the go from around the world. I got the latest MacBook Air model in December 2020.

I carry multiple SD cards when I am traveling including this 128 GB, 64 GB and few 32 GBs as well.

After hearing horror stories of how friends around the world have lost all their photos, I ended up carrying multiple hard drives. I back up once a week to these hard drives and in addition, also back up to an online drive once a month.

I don’t usually carry a tab for my long trips. But when I am going on a short trip, I usually carry my iPad with me.

Best Travel Laptop – MACBook Air

Best SD Cards for Nikon Cameras

Best MAC Compatible Hard disks

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Best Tab for Travel – Apple Ipad


My luggage depends on the duration of the trip. I prefer hard case suitcases to backpacks due to the camera gear I often end up carrying. I also have many handbags and I alternate between my various trips.

I used to have at least a dozen handbags. But now I stick to only two and I frequently alternate between the two. I usually end up carrying my Michel Kors since I don’t have to carry an extra bag for my laptop then.

I am prone to migraines and hence, I never travel without a pair of shades.

I sometimes carry only my backpack when I am going to the Himalayas or on short trips. This also doubles up as my second bag when I am on the road for the long term.

I always carry packing cubes to sort my clothes and accessories.

Best Travel Suitcase for long travel and must have

Best Travel Handbag for Women – Semi Luxury

Best Travel Handbag for Women – Budget travel

Best Travel Sunglasses

Travel Backpack for Women

Packing Cubes for Women


I pack different types of clothes depending on what kind of trip it is.

If it is a trip in Europe during summer, then I pack a lot of summer dresses, beachwear, hats etc.

For Winter, I prefer to pair the same dresses with tights and heavy jackets. Depending on the intensity of winter, I pack thermal wear as well. I usually pair it with different woollen scarves and winter hats.

I also carry different types of shoes based on the weather at the time. I rarely carry heels unless I have a fancy meeting or event during my travels.

Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Best Summer Hats – traveling women

Best Bathing Suits for plus size Women

Beach Coverup for plus size women

FlipFlops for beaches and your hotels

Thermal Wear for Women

Best Winter Jackets- Women

Best Pants for Winter

Winter Beanie Cap

Thermal Wear for Women

Gloves for Women

Sweaters for Women

My favorite black coat

Most comfortable footwear

Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Party Heels for travelling women

Best boots for women who love travel


I am very particular when it comes to my toiletries and I use only some of the best products. I am a MAC aficionado.

I have a cute hanging toiletries bag that I bought from Amazon and I carry it almost everywhere. It has multiple compartments and it helps me segregate everything in my bag.

I generally carry all items in smaller TSA approved bottles. So this allows me to carry my lotions and creams in smaller amounts.

I always carry sunscreen with me since I am an Indian and I tan usually in 10 seconds.

I love everything in MAC cosmetics and you can find several pieces of the same in my toiletries bag.

I use a range of moisturisers, both for my face as well as my body to protect from dry skin and other skin problems that may arise due to being on the road so much. I love the Bath & Bodyworks set, especially the Midnight Pomegranate one which includes a shower gel, body lotion and mist.

I usually use Versace Perfume as well as a dove deodorant. I do have a travel perfume set which I carry for my shorter trips.

I also carry the Himalayan Neem face wash whenever I travel.

Hanging Toiletries Bag for Cosmetics

Silicone Bottles for creams and others

Best travel sunscreen for Indian women

Favourite MAC Lipstick for women

Favourite Mac Eye Shadow

Mac LipGloss for Women

MAC Foundation

MAC Liquid Eyeliner

MAC Blush Powder for Women

Olay Night Cream for Women

Bath & Bodyworks Set for Women

Best Travel Perfume for Women

Favorite deodorant for Women

Best Travel Perfume GiftSet for Women

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash


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