Travel Gear

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Travel Photography and Accessories:

I am a budding photographer and I am still learning the tricks of the trade. But most of the photos on this site have been taken using this gear.



Laptop and Accessories

I use a Macbook Air. For someone who is prone to accidents and who has actually dropped her Iphone in water, poured coffee on her laptop, I believe insurance is the only way out.


Luggage, Handbags and Sunglasses

My luggage depends on the duration of the trip. I prefer hard case suitcases to backpacks due to the camera gear I often end up carrying. I prefer TUMI or IT. I also have many handbags and I alternate between my various trips.


I am very particular when it comes to my toiletries and I use only some of the best products. I am a MAC aficionado.

Disclosure: The following list contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click them, I may get a small commission for your purchase at no additional cost to you. These are some of the things that I carry on all my travels and never leave home without.