Hi, I am Soumya and welcome to Travel, Books & Food. I write about travel guides and vegetarian travel from around the world. All through the eyes of an Indian wanderer.

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A picture of Chichen Itza in Mexico


Welcome to my little slice on the internet called Travel, Books & Food. I started this blog in 2015 to write about all the places I have been to and over the years, this blog has endeavoured to help people around the world plan their trips.

Here you will find planning guides, travel itineraries, vegetarian travel guides, Indian visa guides and so much more.

I  travel solo, with my partner, with family and with my friends too.

My parents are from Kerala, I grew up in Tanzania, I have lived in more than 10 cities including Mexico City and I am back to Bangalore for now.

I also am an entrepreneur and if I am not working on the site, I will be running behind that business of ours.


After being a solo traveler for so many years, I am a compulsive planner. Most of my trips outside India are extensively planned (even though most times they don’t go according to plan). I also have a full-time job, which means that I have to maximise my vacation days by planning short trip itineraries. I also love road trips. Find some of my extensive short itineraries and planning guides below.


Travel Guides

Find detailed travel guides here based on continent or country wise. I am forever adding new content and one day I will have a detailed travel guide for every country I have been to.

Visa Guides

As an Indian traveller, one of the toughest things while traveling outside India is on how to secure a visa. It differs from country to country and I have written extensively on how to procure a visa for Indians.

Find all of my visa posts below.

Latest Visa Posts

Vegetarian posts

As a vegetarian traveller for the past 15 years, I am always on the lookout for the best vegetarian food around the world. I write extensive guides on both vegetarian and vegan travel around the world.

What to Eat in Israel as a vegetarian
Belgium Travel Tips

BLOgging Resources

When I started Travel, Books & Food back in 2015, I had no clue on how blogging or website design looked like.

But over the years, I have learnt a lot on my own and I write posts on blogging from time to time. All these posts are written from experience and are foolproof when it comes to implementing on your website.

Find my web stories here.

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Some of the colourful houses in Riga, Latvia
A gorgeous Cathedral in Estonia
Start Here - A colorful photo with blue sky, white sand, green and pink waters from Mexico
Stockholm has some of the best artwork when it comes to subway stations
A gorgeous church in Cesis - Europe Travel Tips
Bellas Artes in Mexico City: A famous landmark during your Mexico City trip
Spain Travel Tips
A colourful boat in the backwaters of Kerala; Kerala_Human_By_Nature_Walk_down_Memory_Lane
A boar across some gorgeous mountains and a green lake
A picture of the Windmills in a village near Amsterdam overlooking green marshes and pristine waters
The town of Hallstatt set amidst some gorgeous alps
Some gorgeous looking blue waters alongside a white beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania with a bridge in the distance and a very green island

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A gorgeous Cathedral in Estonia
Stockholm has some of the best artwork when it comes to subway stations