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I have been to Netherlands thrice and everytime I go, I leave a piece of me back there. Also, I have learnt that traveling to Netherlands is something more than just visiting Amsterdam. There is so much more to travel in Netherlands other than windmills. Also my sister lived in Netherlands for a few months a long time ago and she loved her time there. In this post, I write about some quick Netherlands travel tips.

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NETHERLANDS travel tips

These are some of the tips when it comes to visiting Netherlands in general.


Netherlands is part of the Schengen zone and hence Indians require a Schengen Netherlands tourist visa to go here.


Dutch is the official language and is spoken by the majority of people here. Hallo, Dank U, Goedemorgen, Hoe gaat het met jou are Hello, Thank you, Good morning, How are you in Dutch.


Amsterdam is the nominal capital although the States General and the Executive Branch are situated in The Hague.




North Western Europe. Neighbours are Belgium in the south and Germany in the north. Also shares maritime borders with France and the UK.


230 volts and 50 Hz. They use C and F plug types in Netherlands.


If you are planning to drive in Netherlands, then it is recommended that you have an IDP and your local license from your country.


Most cards you buy in other countries in the Schengen zone will work without additional data or roaming charges.


The cities are well-equipped with Wifi and you can find free Wifi in many areas in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.


I have been twice to Netherlands as a solo female traveller and it is definitely quite safe as long as you keep your wits around you. I have also been to Netherlands with family once.


These are some of the best places to visit in Netherlands:

A cycle in a street with a colourful flower basket in Amsterdam, a must for your European vacation


I spent 3 days in Amsterdam this time around and my favourite place in Amsterdam was the Anne Frank house. Take a day trip to Harlem, Zaanse Schans, Keukenhof or Volendam on any one given day. But whatever you do, don’t stay at the Meininger Amsterdam City West. It remains to this day one of the worst places I have stayed at.

the hague 2036305 640

The Hague

This is the seat of the Dutch parliament and you will find the miniature city of Madurodam here.

monument 2642536 640


Roam around this canal ring city searching for some Delft pottery (blue and white pottery, characteristic of Netherlands)

Rotterdam Netherlands Travel Tips


Another major port city in South Holland, known for its proximity to the Windmills of Kinderdijk and the famous yellow cube houses. Check out this one day itinerary to Rotterdam.

gouda 385875 640


If you are looking to taste some cheese in the Netherlands, then don’t forget to head out to the city of Gouda.

castle 4962057 640


Another medieval old town with lots of canals and Christian monuments.

groningen 5191395 640


Groningen has been in the news for a while now for its beauty and the fact that it is a town without roads and the only way you can get around is by boat.

lighthouse 1392124 640

The Wadden Sea

This is a UNESCO protected site and it is an absolute visit for every nature lover.


May-September is when the climate is more moderate and you have more fun stuff to do in Netherlands. If you are looking for a winter holiday, then the recommended time is between December and February.


By Air

From India, you can fly to Amsterdam Schipol airport from many metropolitan cities including Bangalore. Additionally, you can travel to Amsterdam from other European capitals by air. It is a major transportation port and has direct connections to many cities in the US as well.

By Rail

Netherlands has an extensive railway system and is operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Additionally you can take a fast train from Paris or Brussels and you can do the same in less than 2 hours.

By Road

Flixbus regularly operates to major cities in Netherlands from other cities in Europe. I have taken Flixbus to Germany as well.


You drive on the right side of the road in Netherlands. Recommended to carry an IDP.


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Netherlands has an extensive public transportation and all the major cities are well connected both by both train and bus.

One of the best tips for visiting Amsterdam is to get a single transportation pass for traveling within the city. With this pass, you can use the bus, tram and trains within Amsterdam with a single pass. But please make sure you have the right type of pass. For example for public transport operated by GVB, you have to use a GVB pass and the same pass cannot be used for NS trains. It is mandatory to swipe your pass on most public transportation while you are on your Netherlands trip.

Another mode of transportation in Amsterdam is the canals and I loved going on these canal tours when I was in Amsterdam.

Rotterdam, The Hague and other major cities in Netherlands also have a good public transportation system.

One of the main things you need to remember is that Netherlands is a very bike/ cycle friendly country. And you can see cyclists almost everywhere. And if you love to cycle, then it is one of the best places in the world to see by cycle. 


As you must already know, Amsterdam is quite an expensive city and it is recommended to live on the outskirts of Amsterdam if you want to stay in budget. Another option is Rotterdam and it is just 45 mins away by train if you want to stay on budget.

Find some recommendations on where to stay in Netherlands.

AmsterdamSofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
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Hotel Sebastians
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The Flying Pig Downtown
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RotterdamRotterdam Marriott Hotel
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The James Rotterdam
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Hostel Ani&Haakien
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The HagueHotel Des Indes The Hague
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Holiday Inn Express The Hague - Parliament
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Pink Flamingo Boutique Hostel
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GroningenNH Groningen Hotel
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Best Western Plus Hotel Groningen Plaza
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Bud Gett Hostels
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Vegetarian Foodie Europe Amsterdam 3 1


I was in food heaven when I was in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I found so many vegetarian options in Netherlands and I never had to look too hard to find something delicious to eat. One of my favorite things to eat in Amsterdam was Pannenkonen or the savoury Dutch pancakes. They even had loads of vegetarian options. In addition, another favorite of mine was the Stroopwaffle. It is very common to find many coffee shops in Amsterdam that actually sell weed legally. I was very cautious initially since I didn’t know that such shops usually had a sign indicating that they are allowed to sell. I also loved exploring the many food stalls inside the Markthal in Rotterdam which is an indoor food market. They had lots of fresh produce and we were staying right opposite it. Which meant that we ended up visiting the place multiple times.


I am not a big shopper myself and I always end up buying only fridge magnets or small magnets during every trip of mine. But many of my readers ask what to buy in every country and due to this, I have found this excellent guide on what to buy in Netherlands. During my multiple trips, I have bought Wooden Clogs, cute windmills, Delft pottery, multiple magnets, lots of Gouda cheese and lots of Dutch candy.


There are so many things to do in Netherlands and I have still not even finished a fraction of it during my multiple trips to Netherlands. These are some of the recommended things to do in Netherlands:

  • Go visit the garden of Europe, Keukenhof and watch some magnificent Tulip fields.
  • Explore the maritime history of Rotterdam
  • Visit the various fishing villages of Marken and Volendam.
  • Go on a tour around some windmills in Kinderdijk.
  • Explore the many museums in Amsterdam including Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum.
  • See Amsterdam through the canals, especially at night.
  • Walk around the red light district of Amsterdam.
  • Go see the tiny city of Madurodam.
  • Relax in one of the parks in Amsterdam.
  • Be a child once again at Efteling, the largest amusement park in the Netherlands.
  • Go learn the art of cheesemaking.
  • Go visit the museum of Mauritshuis at the Hague.
  • Take a day trip to Delft.
  • Go relieve the Heineken experience.
  • Take a day trip to Zaanse Schaans.
  • Explore the city of Utrecht and the nearby castle.
  • Go visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and get overwhelmed by emotions.

Find more details of things to do in Netherlands here. In addition, choose one of the below tours to have a great and fun time in Netherlands.


Guidebooks for Netherlands

Traveling to Netherlands and need more guidance on which books to read? These are our recommendations for you to read before you go.

Netherlands Travel Tips3
Netherlands Travel Tips2
Netherlands Travel Tips1


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