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Belgium is a beautiful country but most people don’t go there. In this post, I show you the beauty of Belgium in Pictures.

Written by: Soumya Nambiar

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Belgium is a gorgeous country and it is saddening to know that many people have started avoiding Belgium because of the recent attacks in Brussels in March. See the beauty of Belgium in pictures.

Even though I was asked to skip Belgium because of this incident, I still went and I had a nice time roaming around four beautiful cities/towns in Belgium, I stayed in Brussels and went to Dinant, Ghent and Bruges on day trips.

When I went to Brussels, people were still recovering and tourism was down. But Bruges was as picturesque and beautiful as I imagined. The only problem was that it was still quite crowded around Bruges. Did you know that the entire historic centre of Bruges is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Dinant was a pleasant surprise and I definitely recommend this beautiful town by the riverside. Ghent is similar to Bruges but a less commercialised version of it. 

I will be back in the future with more details. But for now, let me take you around Belgium in pictures. ( This is what I usually do if I don’t have time to write an entire article.) Enjoy the beautiful pictures.

A building in the historic center surrounded by a lake and lots of greenery


 So let us move on to our next destination. Pictured here is the Grand Place or the Grote market in #Brussels. A #unescoworldheritagesite . Europe #monuments theme. #girlsvsglobeA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Another one from the Grand place or Grote Market. Europe monuments theme. #unescoworldheritagesiteA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Sorry for not posting for the past few days. But I have been having too many issues with Instagram over the past week. Hopefully it is fixed by now. So back to our theme of European #monuments. Pictured here is the Manneken piss statue. There are several legends regarding this small pissing boy. But did you know that there are two more additional pissing statues in Brussels.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 The one thing I would have done, if I had more time in Brussels, would have been to follow the Tintin Mural trail around town. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Tintin, snowy and who can forget, Captain Haddock. Definitely belongs to a kind of Europe’s #monuments in my opinion.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 After the long vacation, we are back to Uni from tomorrow. So many things to read for our classes. I want an extended holiday. Continuing our theme of Europe’s #monuments , pictured here is Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon Church. Hopefully she will bless me not to fall asleep in class tomorrow.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Another one from Brussels. Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. At least I think that is what it is. Did not go inside. Europe ‘s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 This is the Mont Des Arts. It is a good place to see a good view of Brussels. The tall spiral is the Town Hall. Europe’s #monuments Also a new post is live on the blog. Link in the bio.A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 I have been so busy with work, blog and studies that I have been quite inconsistent on Instagram. Hopefully that will change now and I promise to be more regular. Arcade galleries are quite popular in Brussels and this one the Galeries Royales Saint Hubert is the oldest built in 1846. I got my chocolates from here. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Even though I did not go inside the Gravensteen castle in Ghent, it looked really beautiful from the outside. Have you ever been here? Europe #monuments themeA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Another one from Ghent. Pictured here is the Belfry of Ghent, which is the tallest in Belgium. A belfry is a bell tower as well as a watchtower. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Another tower from Ghent. Can anyone let me know which one this is? Europe’s #monuments themeA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Here you see occupying both sides of the Leie River, the gorgeous medieval waterfront of Graslei and Korenlei. A lovely place to have lunch and spend the day. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 On our way back from Luxembourg, we stopped in Dinant for couple of hours. Pictured here is Notre Dame De Dinant, a 13th century Gothic cathedral. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Since Dinant is the birthplace of Adolphe Sax, there are many saxophones around town. How many can you see in this photo? Europe ‘s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 To answer yesterday’s question, there are at least 10 Saxophones on this bridge, including many others around town. Paying tribute to the inventor of Saxophone. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 I have to catch a flight in a few hours and I have not even started packing. Well anyway it takes me less than 15 minutes. I am off to Kerala to attend a wedding and I will try to post snippets from the Indian wedding on Stories. Everything is dependent on the wifi at the hotel. Moving on to our next city,Bruges. This is the first sight you see when you enter the gorgeous historic city center. It is a Unesco world heritage site and very few vehicles are allowed inside. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Featured here is the only preserved beguinage in the city of Bruges. Basically a beguinage was an architectural complex that was used to house beguines , religious women who lived in community without taking vows or retiring from the world. Source: wiki Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 The thing about traveling is that you forget about social media which is actually a good thing. I had a wonderful time in Kerala and it was fun meeting friends and family. So we are back to exploring #monuments in Bruges. Can you spot the swans?A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 The Minnewater lake in Bruges is full of swans and is considered as a part of the historic Center of Bruges. Surrounded by #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 If you have seen photos of Bruges, then I am sure you would have seen these colorful buildings. These are located in The Markt which is located in the heart of the city. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Pictured here is the Belfry of Bruges. I wish I had more time to go to the top of the tower. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 A new blog post is up on the blog and many of my favorite travel articles by travel bloggers are featured this week. You can find the link in the profile. Featured here is another shot of the Market square in Bruges, this time with the provincial court in the background. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 A shot of the Church of the lady, Bruges. Tomorrow I will get you another angle of the same church. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 As promised, here is another shot of the same church. Can anyone guess from where this shot was taken? Cmon it is Bruges after all. Pretty was question. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 These canal side buildings in Europe are quite famous. Any idea what they are called? Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 Another well photographed location in Bruges, the name escapes me. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


 We move on to our next location tomorrow. But here is a last shot of gorgeous Bruges . You can see the bell tower of the church in this photo. Europe’s #monumentsA photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

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24 thoughts on “Belgium In Pictures”

  1. I feel the entire Europe is spectacular. I like your idea of staying in Brussels and visiting other cities…works if they are not far and not all in single direction.

    Checked your shots on Instagram too.

  2. Oh Bruges is always beautiful and always busy. We were in Belgium when the Wall st protests were on. It certainly made for a grand adventure.
    Your photos are just wonderful

  3. Belgium seems like a whole lot of beautiful architecture in a small package! Your photos make me want to go there right now. But I’ll wait until it’s not winter, even though I’m sure Belgium is still beautiful in winter!

  4. Belgium is absolutely gorgeous! My friend’s girlfriend lives there and he always has wonderful stories to tell when he comes back from visiting her. I love the architecture and would love to visit one day!

  5. I love their architecture, but to be honest… I never think of Belgium as a destination to visit. Maybe because a friend of mine lives there and hates it, or because I know it is crazy expensive.. Who knows – maybe one day. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Lovely post! I went to Bruges in May this year, and to Brussels in October. Not afraid, never will be (I live in Paris!). Have you been to Antwerp yet? I love that city too… Ghent is a city I haven’t yet been too, but been told by several people that I should visit. Your post sure makes me even more eager to go there 🙂

  7. I am very furtunate to live so close! Belgium is closer than Amsterdam so I love going there! I find most cities so charming and divers. You did a great job of capturing them in gorgeous pictures! Excellent job!

  8. We have been to all of these places in Belgium and must agree its one of the beautiful countries. We find not visiting a country because of the attacks insane. We believe the attacks can happen anywhere anytime and its nothing to do with any particular country. Good that you could cover all these amazing cities in less crowd 🙂

  9. Belgium is without a question a thing of beauty. Your Insta snaps are out of this world. The architecture, the views… all so beautiful!

  10. Belgium is a small country so you have got a great idea to see Brussels as a Hub and visit other cities around! Beautiful pictures even if I liked one in particular: medieval waterfront of Graslei and Korenlei, just breathtaking! thanks for sharing, looking forward for your next adventure


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