Belgium In Pictures

Belgium is a beautiful country but most people don't go there. In this post, I show you the beauty of Belgium in Pictures.
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Belgium is a gorgeous country and it is saddening to know that many people have started avoiding Belgium because of the recent attacks in Brussels in March. See the beauty of Belgium in pictures.

Even though I was asked to skip Belgium because of this incident, I still went and I had a nice time roaming around four beautiful cities/towns in Belgium, I stayed in Brussels and went to Dinant, Ghent and Bruges on day trips.

When I went to Brussels, people were still recovering and tourism was down. But Bruges was as picturesque and beautiful as I imagined. The only problem was that it was still quite crowded around Bruges. Did you know that the entire historic centre of Bruges is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Dinant was a pleasant surprise and I definitely recommend this beautiful town by the riverside. Ghent is similar to Bruges but a less commercialised version of it. 

I will be back in the future with more details. But for now, let me take you around Belgium in pictures. ( This is what I usually do if I don’t have time to write an entire article.) Enjoy the beautiful pictures.

A building in the historic center surrounded by a lake and lots of greenery


A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on

A photo posted by Soumya Nambiar (@soumna_travelbooksfood) on


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24 thoughts on “Belgium In Pictures”

  1. I feel the entire Europe is spectacular. I like your idea of staying in Brussels and visiting other cities…works if they are not far and not all in single direction.

    Checked your shots on Instagram too.

  2. Oh Bruges is always beautiful and always busy. We were in Belgium when the Wall st protests were on. It certainly made for a grand adventure.
    Your photos are just wonderful

  3. Belgium seems like a whole lot of beautiful architecture in a small package! Your photos make me want to go there right now. But I’ll wait until it’s not winter, even though I’m sure Belgium is still beautiful in winter!

  4. Belgium is absolutely gorgeous! My friend’s girlfriend lives there and he always has wonderful stories to tell when he comes back from visiting her. I love the architecture and would love to visit one day!

  5. I love their architecture, but to be honest… I never think of Belgium as a destination to visit. Maybe because a friend of mine lives there and hates it, or because I know it is crazy expensive.. Who knows – maybe one day. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Kristine AARSHEIM

    Lovely post! I went to Bruges in May this year, and to Brussels in October. Not afraid, never will be (I live in Paris!). Have you been to Antwerp yet? I love that city too… Ghent is a city I haven’t yet been too, but been told by several people that I should visit. Your post sure makes me even more eager to go there 🙂

  7. Probearoundthe Globe

    I am very furtunate to live so close! Belgium is closer than Amsterdam so I love going there! I find most cities so charming and divers. You did a great job of capturing them in gorgeous pictures! Excellent job!

  8. We love your inspiring photos of Belgium. With so much to see in Europe, Belgium doesn’t get enough credit for its outstanding beauty and old world charm. Thanks for sharing this incredible destination.

  9. Rashmi & Chalukya

    We have been to all of these places in Belgium and must agree its one of the beautiful countries. We find not visiting a country because of the attacks insane. We believe the attacks can happen anywhere anytime and its nothing to do with any particular country. Good that you could cover all these amazing cities in less crowd 🙂

  10. Belgium is without a question a thing of beauty. Your Insta snaps are out of this world. The architecture, the views… all so beautiful!

  11. Davide uTravelshare

    Belgium is a small country so you have got a great idea to see Brussels as a Hub and visit other cities around! Beautiful pictures even if I liked one in particular: medieval waterfront of Graslei and Korenlei, just breathtaking! thanks for sharing, looking forward for your next adventure

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A gorgeous Cathedral in Estonia
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