Best Breakfast Buffet in Bangalore – Citrus, Leela Palace

Everyone knows that I am a foodie. But most people don’t know that I love continental breakfasts and I am always hopping around town to find the perfect one.
I have had my share of disappointments over the years. Few years back, I decided to go to Zen, Leela Palace, Bangalore for breakfast and I fell in love with the spread. I was disappointed when I got to know that they had shifted breakfast to their new and revamped restaurant Citrus, Leela Palace over a year back.
But that disappointment did not last long. The new restaurant was even better in terms of the spread and I have come to the conclusion that this restaurant (Citrus – The Leela Palace) is the best in case you want to have an Indian fusion / continental breakfast whilst in Bangalore.
Don’t get me wrong. I still love my MTR’s, CTR’s, Brahmins and Koshy’s. But they don’t serve such a huge spread in terms of continental breakfast.
So why do I love Citrus? There are many reasons.
Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore

• ·Huge Spread:
This is one of the best reasons. They have such a huge spread and it is so difficult to choose. Most of the times we do not end up sampling even a tiny portion of the spread.
• · Variety:
Citrus caters to so many cuisines. On a weekday, these are the things that you have to choose from:
·         Cereal
·         Fresh Fruits
·         Sweet items like croissants, doughnuts, cupcakes etc. My favorite part of the buffet
·         Salad items
·         Bread Basket
·         South Indian breakfast items like Dosa, Idli, Vada, Upma etc
·         North  Indian breakfast items like Aloo Paratha, Poori Baji, Samosas etc
·         Pan Asian breakfast dishes like fried rice, noodles etc. I cannot eat this in the morning though.
·         Selection of cold cuts for the non-vegetarians
·         Waffles
·         Pancakes
·         Egg dishes such as omelettes, boiled eggs, scrambled etc. Chef is at your service
·         Mediterranean spread like Pita, Hummus, olives etc
·         Selection of cheese
·         Selection of both fresh and canned fruit juices.
Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore
• · Quality/Taste:
The quality of food is quite good. Food is quite tasty as well. Their selection of fresh fruits definitely melt in your mouth.
• Ambience:
The ambience at Citrus is heavenly. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and you can choose where to sit based on the weather. Also the soft lighting adds to the allure of the place.
Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore
• · Service:
Serving staff is quite friendly and warm. They are always nearby if you want to order a cup of coffee or a plate of waffles from the live station.
• · It is located in Leela Palace
Have you ever been to the place? It is a gorgeous hotel and if you ever get the time, please do take a walk inside. Also ample parking available


Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore
•  Better than its competitors:
If you want to have such a huge selection, you have to visit the star hotels. I have been to many like the ITC, Le Meridien, Taj, MoveNPick, Marriot over the years and I always prefer Citrus in Bangalore.
I definitely recommend this place. So you should definitely try it out if you are in Bangalore.
Cost: Rs1200 including tax for a weekday buffet breakfast. Their Sunday brunches are priced at around Rs3000 per person (Yet to try this out)
Note: Views presented here are my own and I have written it on my own accord.
Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus - Leela Palace, Bangalore
Citrus – Leela Palace, Bangalore


  1. Wow, that looks like one tasty breakfast! Being a budget traveler means I don't get to indulge so often, but when I do I am one happy hippe 🙂 I recently had an amazing continental breakfast buffet at Grecotel in Athens, Greece that was to die for!

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