Why I love to travel

Chicago Skyline

While I was traveling over the last month, I came across this article that basically questioned the sanity of all Indian travel bloggers. The author of the article was curious to know why/ how we travelled.
To set things straight, travel does not change you overnight. Actually, even if it changes you, it is quite subtle and you may never realise it. Also, like what most people believe, it is no cakewalk, especially for us Indians. It is expensive, exhaustive and an emotional roller coaster.
Then why do we still love to travel? If you know me well enough, then you would know what a tiring and emotionally challenging year it has been for me and my family.
For the first time in months, I was finally able to let it go and, laugh and cry at the same time like a little kid. That is what travel does to you. It makes me happy and that is why I love to travel.

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