Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe in 2024 (Things to do, tips)

Colmar, France is one of the prettiest towns I have visited. Read on to find some of the Things to do in Colmar and why it is a must visit.

Written by: Soumya Nambiar

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Sometimes I ponder. Why do I love travelling so much? Why do I have to go to so many unknown places? As our strategy professor pointed out last week, virtual reality is going to be a thing of the future.

According to him, you just have to put on some glasses and you are virtually transported to a beach and that will give you the same experience as being at the most beautiful beach in the world. Maybe that is the thing of the future but do I agree with him? Will I ever be content with seeing the world from my bedroom?

According to me, that is a ridiculous thing I have heard in a long while. Even though I have immense respect for him as a professor, I doubt we will ever see eye to eye on this topic. How do I tell him that no amount of seeing it on a virtual screen can prepare anyone for the actual real deal? The World is a much more beautiful place than we can ever imagine and whatever his convictions are, I would rather see every new place with my own eyes, smell it on my own, feel the excitement of experiencing a new place on my own.

I know for a fact that magical fairytale-like places do exist and I have seen many of them around the World.

I thought I had seen it all but then I heard of a small town called Colmar in France. People who had seen it before often called it one of the prettiest towns in Europe. I knew I had to see it once I saw all those gorgeous pictures.

Another row of colourful houses in the fairytale village of Colmar, France  


Where is Colmar?

Colmar is located very close to the French-German border in the Alsatian region in North-Eastern France. I think that is what makes it so unique. Colmar definitely has some influences from both the French and German sides. Many people consider Colmar to be the capital of Alsatian wine.

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Streets of Colmar

How to Get to Colmar France:

I was staying in Strasbourg and it just takes around 25 minutes by train. Basel is also around 45 minutes in the opposite direction by train from Colmar. A round trip train ticket from Strasbourg to Colmar cost me around 25 Euros and there is one train every hour from Strasbourg.

I knew I had only one day to see Colmar and I wanted to make the most of it. However, it was raining quite heavily in the morning that day and hence by the time I left Strasbourg, it was already around 11 AM. I almost cancelled Colmar because of the rain and I am glad that I did not.

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Mini Train, Colmar, France

Things to do in Colmar France:

By the time I got to Colmar, it had started raining again and I thought that rain was going to play spoilsport. The tourism guy at the railway station did not speak English and I did not understand a word of what he said. I did see people phoning for cabs from a phone booth just outside the railway station. There were buses available too.

Little Venice, Colmar France

I decided to walk. I love walking in the rain and Google Maps told me that it was just 20 minutes by walk to ‘Little Venice’. As I was walking towards Little Venice, it looked a lot like a typical European town. But it was not till I finally reached Little Venice, I realized how wrong I was. There are so many things to do in Colmar France.

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Canal, Colmar, France

Colmar, one of the beautiful places to visit in Europe

Have you ever been transported to a magical land? A land you believe exists only in fairytales. A place where you have to pinch yourself to believe that you are not dreaming. Colmar is all that and much more. Colmar is definitely one of the prettiest towns in Europe I have been to.

Colmar is a small town and you can pretty much finish seeing the place in a day’s time. However, please be warned. When you are surrounded by so much beauty, you will never ever want to leave. This idyllic town is a perfect example of how time stood still. The most prominent place to see is the Old town. The old town consists of ‘Little Venice’, a tanner’s district, a gorgeous church with a well-preserved charm and few museums.

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Boat Ride
Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Little Venice, Colmar, France
Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
La Petite Venice, Colmar, France

Bartholdi ‘s birthplace.

Take a stroll along the district and you will never stop clicking pictures. I must have walked around the ‘Little Venice’ at least twice. You can also take a mini train around the place. I rented a small boat that took me around the canal alongside Little Venice. You have to pay around 6 Euros per person. It was fairly deserted around Colmar since it was drizzling the whole day. That meant I got the boat all to myself as I took in all the beauty from another angle.

Since Colmar is the birthplace of Bartholdi (The guy who designed Statue of Liberty), you can head over to his childhood home which has now been converted into a museum. Also, walk around Colmar to find the uniquely designed houses like ‘House of Heads’ or ‘Old Customs House’ or ‘Pfister House’.

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Tanneries, Colmar, France
Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Colmar, France

Alsatian Wine Route in Colmar

If you love wine (unlike me), then you can find multiple places around town to have a quiet sip, as you sit there contemplating life. I had lunch at the indoor organic market and it was really delicious. 

Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe
Indoor Market


Colmar is a place that has to be seen slowly. It is not a place where you go around checking the number of places that you have seen. Even though I spent only a few hours in this gorgeous town, I will never forget my time here and I would definitely want to go back here again. Colmar really has found a place in my heart and it has been placed in my heart as one of the prettiest towns in Europe. Well, the pictures definitely agree with me.
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Travel, Books & Food - Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe

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50 thoughts on “Exploring Colmar: A Fairytale Town In Europe in 2024 (Things to do, tips)”

  1. What a gorgeous place! I have never heard of Colmar, but would love to visit. Seems like Europe has a ton of cities that can be described as fairytale like. Bruges definitely comes to mind!

  2. Fairytale-looking towns are my favorite! I’ve been dying to go to Colmar ever since I first heard about it a couple weeks ago! The architecture is just so charming and beautiful! <3 <3

  3. I had the same thoughts of virtual traveling. That doesn’t sound like traveling to me at ALL!! Colmar looks like a beautiful traveling destination. I love a fairy tale town – like a dream. 🙂

  4. I love your opening statement – I agree that there’s nothing quite like really going out into the world and experiencing it for yourself. I definitely don’t want to spend my life in front of my TV just imagining I’m on an African safari! Especially for a place like this. I love it when you can so clearly see a place’s influences and history.

  5. OMG! I am so in love with this city. It looks like a place Disney would head to replicate. So beautiful and you captured it well.

  6. Totally agree with you. Virtual reality travel (if it does happen) will never be able to compare to the real thing! I for one will always prefer being there!

  7. It looks really nice! It reminded me (I know they are different) to some small villages in the Basque Country like Hondarribia, they architecture, the type of houses

  8. I adore Colmar. I was there this summer and was lucky enough to be in town for a wine festival! What an amazing fairytale town, and Alsacian food to me is the perfect blend of French and German cuisine. So delicious! <3

  9. I love your post, and the pictures are so beautiful! I have been postponing going to Colmar for too long.

    Maybe it is good that it was raining? Your pictures have a very special atmosphere in them, and it looks like there were no tourist crowds 🙂

  10. Such a gorgeous looking town! I would love to visit- I feel like I am collecting little small, lesser known towns for my “fairy tale” stops! This looks like a must!

  11. I’ve been in the area for only a limited amount of time and want to go back! This town will definitely be part of that adventure as I am all about the Alsace wine. We were treated to some sparkling wine from the region and I liked it better than Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco!

  12. Colmar is such a pretty place, I remember years ago seeing photos with it and wanting to go and visit. I didn’t managed to, but I hope I will in the near future. I love those beautiful narrow streets full of flowers.

  13. Looks like a really charming city! I heard of Colmar before but couldn’t imagine it’s THIS beautiful!! Also, absolutely agree with the virtual reality thing, nothing can ever substitute the real feeling of just physically being at some place. Very lovely article, thanks for sharing this beauty!

  14. Cities like this are so often overlooked because of all the ‘greats’ of Europe. The pictures are great – I love all of the architecture and canals. It’s so traditional and cute!

  15. This post is timely! We’re going to Colmar next weekend too! Lovely little town like Annecy right? Have you also been there?

  16. Colmar definitely looks like a dream come true! Like you, I definitely would have taken a walk twice around “Little Venice” and probably hopped on the mini train around the town. 🙂

  17. Looks like such an adorable town! So many beautiful places in Europe, I really should go soon. I’ve never been but have always wanted to!

  18. Colmar is one of my favorite places in France! We went last year to see the Christmas markets there. It is beautiful and I would love to go back. Great post!

  19. If you stay in Europe, you can cover most of such offbeat places; but if you are a tourist, it becomes very difficult to know of and see them.

    Glad you visited though inspite of the rain and it sure looks pretty!

  20. Soumya it looks like a fairy-tale town all the way. How sweet.Brilliant colors too. Reminds me a little bit of my mom’s hometown in the Black Forest in Germany. Where they make the cuckoo clocks. Epic spot. Like I’m reading a bedtime story as I enjoy these pictures 🙂


  21. I second the fairy tale bit. Stayed there for a few days and loved every moment. If you do go there another time visit some of the villages nearby. They are super pretty. Eguisheim, Kaysersberg….some amazing Michelin star restaurants too that serve up a veggie feast by the way. You will enjoy it

  22. you have complied lot of information useful for the travelers in all your blogs. In fact i am living in France (for work), traveled vastly in France. Several times i passed through Strasbourg,but always missing Colmar in my iterney. Information in this blog is very nice and follow your advise.
    Keep posting more adventurous tours. God bless you.


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