6 Must Try Cake shops in Bangalore

Do you love cakes like me? I absolutely love them and in this post, I write about the 6 must try cake shops in Bangalore. So if you are ever in Bangalore, don't forget to check these out.
Cake Shops in Bangalore
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Disclaimer: This article may include affiliate links. This translates to no extra cost to you but I get a referral bonus if you purchase via the link. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love desserts. Also over the years in Bangalore, I have somehow become the go-to person for cakes among colleagues, friends and family.

Must Try Cake shops in Bangalore

When I first wrote this post, I wanted to share my top 6 favourite cake shops in Bangalore. But so much has changed in the past 5 years and I am going to add some more of the best cake brands in Bangalore. I am not that big fan of the chains like Sweet Chariot, Just bake etc. So there you go, in no particular order:

Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town – Best Cake Store in Bangalore 

Nitash has been an absolute favourite of mine for the past few years and I would definitely rate his cakes as one of the best cake shops in Bangalore. Nitash does not have a shop of his own but he delivers to your house if you live in the vicinity of Frazer town. His cakes are out of this world and it is surprising that we have such a wide array of delicious cakes to choose from. In addition to cakes, he also does other amazing desserts.

Flavors to try: Heaven’s Slice (Mars, Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher), Piedmontese, Peanut Butter and Oreo Symphony, Strawberry and Banana Bagatelle, New York Cheesecake

Pros: Delicious cakes, Delivers it home, Friendly, Reasonably Priced

Cons: No shop, Faithful to loyal customers but can sometimes deny others
Website: http://www.nitash.in/

Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town
Mars Heaven’s Slice, Nitash
Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town
Gold Dust, Nitash

Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town

Patisserie Nitash, Frazer Town
KitKat and Gems, nitash

Truffles (Ice & Spice), Various Outlets – One of the most famous cake shops in Bangalore

This is the go-to place to go and one of the top cake shops in Bangalore if you love chocolate cakes. Since it is located in multiple areas around Bangalore, they are quite accessible. Since this doubles as a cafe in addition to its cake business, you can go here to have a delicious burger too. Also, this is the only place that accepts last minute wedding cake orders. My sister’s reception cake was gobbled by the guests in a matter of minutes.

Flavors to try: Chocolate Truffle, Ferrero Rocher Cake

Pros: Accessibility, Reasonably Priced, Awesome cakes and burgers

Cons: Home delivery restricted, Does not accept phone orders for customized cakes.

Truffles (Ice & Spice)
Ferrore Rocher, Truffles

Truffles (Ice & Spice)

Spoonful of Sugar (Koramangala and Indira Nagar) – Permanently Closed – Update 2019

“It is such a pity that this one closed. They used to be one of my favourites but their quality had gone down in the past few years.” 

“Desserts is stressed spelt backwards”. That is what it says when you enter this cute little café. Known for its desserts which are unique and different from other cake shops, Spoonful has been another favoured outlet of mine. Whether it is celebrating an event or a cheer-me-up dessert or a heartwarming meal, Spoonful has plenty of options for you. Also one of the few places in Bangalore that allow dogs inside.

Flavors to try: Oreo Cheesecake, Banoffee Pie, Salted Caramel Cake, Exotic fruit cake

Pros: Wide array of flavours to choose from, Unique, Exceptional

Cons: Very Expensive

Spoonful of Sugar
Spoonful of Sugar
6 Must Try Cake shops in Bangalore
Exotic Fruit cake

Glen’s Bakehouse (Indira Nagar)

They have not been around for long but they are already among the most crowded cafes in town. Again, in addition to their remarkable cakes, they are a great haunt for good breakfast. An additional plus is that they are open all day. Location is also an added plus since they are located right on 100 feet road, next to the famous brewhouse, Toit.

Flavors to try: Red Velvet Cake, New York Cheesecake

Pros: Location, location, location in addition to their cakes of course.

Cons: Flavors are limited, very crowded and you may end up waiting for a while even if you go to collect a cake.

Glen’s Bakehouse
Red Velvet, Glen’s Bakehouse

Glen’s Bakehouse

Bengaluru Baking Company (J W Marriot, Bangalore)

BBC is definitely the place for if you are searching for the best fruit cake in Bangalore. They are comfortably located inside the J W Marriot hotel, near U B City, Bangalore. I have not had many of their cakes but the ones I did, have been absolutely out of this world. Definitely, a must try place if you are in M.G road, Bangalore.

Flavors to try: Fruitcake, Red Velvet Cake

Pros: Still experimenting, so hard to say

Cons: Very expensive

Bengaluru Baking Company
Fruit Cake, BBC
Bengaluru Baking Company
RedVelvet Cake, BBC

Bite Me Cupcakes (Indira Nagar and Koramangala)

They don’t have a shop anymore but they do online cake delivery in Bangalore these days.

Technically they do not fall into the category of a cake shop since they make only bub cupcakes which are in reality tiny cupcakes. But they are too awesome to be not mentioned on this list. With a splendid assortment of cupcakes to choose from, Bite me cupcakes are here to stay for a really long time. I know of two outlets and both of them serve mouthwatering cupcakes. I took their cupcakes once to an orphanage and the kids there absolutely loved it.

Flavors to try: Cookies & Cream,  Chocolate Mint, Blueberry, Strawberry and the Classic Vanilla.

Pros: Delicious, conveniently located, does customized cupcakes.

Cons: They make only cupcakes, Card machine is complex.

Bite Me Cupcakes
BiteMe Cupcakes

Honorary Mentions:

There are three other shops that almost made it to this list, Lavonne, Corner House (Technically the best ice cream shop) and Cakewalk.

Rainbow Cake, Lavonne

Signing off this time with a beautiful picture of a dessert combo from 3 of the above mentioned cake shops.

Cake Foodie, Bangalore

If you feel that I need to try any more shops, please do mention them in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “6 Must Try Cake shops in Bangalore”

  1. I love Truffles.. have tried few of their desserts…

    But what I love most is the "All American Cheese burger" (veg)… Its so filling.. you really need to be hungry to finish the entire burger.. It has a cheese patty and veggie patty.. And the mayo is so yummy….

    Also how can I forget.. ferro rocher milkshake is awesome…

  2. Hi. I'm a home baker and I make sum good cupcakes. If u want to try them pls reply back and I can share my contact with u
    If not then I'm sorry to comment here cos I dint no how to reach u
    Thank u ?

  3. Soumya Nambiar


    Please send me your contact details and I will get back to you once I am back in India.

    Soumya Nambiar

  4. Wow! Lovely Cakes, Different varieties, Great Collections. Bite me Cupcake collections were too good. Do they Accept Online Orders?

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