Paris In The Rain: A Photo Story

Have anyone been to Paris in the Rain? It is gorgeous and I fell in love with the city. I walked all over Paris and it was magical.
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Paris is a mystery. Most people I know of, either have a love/hate relationship with Paris. Some people just adore Paris whereas others just tend to hate it at first sight and label it as a dirty city full of pickpockets.I am not a fan of stereotyping. I believe that every city has an inner soul to it, a soul that feels different to each person. Even if you try peeling those invisible layers, you may never be able to relate to the true essence of some cities.

It was not my first visit to Paris. But like Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a great idea.” And so it was decided. I would spend a few days in this romantic city.

I knew it would be raining. But I still wanted to see this European city as a solo traveler. I got there to realise that the weather had decided to be rebellious. But that did not deter me. I ended up walking all around Paris in the rain. I ended up eating a lot of delicious food too.

Unfortunately due to the rain, I had to leave my camera in the hotel on most days.
But still, Paris made me fall in love with her. I just realised how unique she was and how she has that ability to make anyone feel at home. Walking is definitely one of the best ways to see a gorgeous city like Paris.

Even though I don’t have that many good photographs from Paris, I still would love to take you around Paris in the rain through a photo story. Hope you enjoy a different side of Paris like I did.






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Many people warned me about Paris. It is a dirty city full of pick pockets. For me, Paris was midway between my journey. I was exhausted by the time I got to Paris and I decided to lie low. So instead of following the usual cliches, I did exactly the opposite. I did not go inside the Louvre or on top of the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame. Every day, I just walked around the city and it was a different city than the one that people warned me about. No cameras or a destination in mind, I just walked around this gorgeous city. Ate my fill and again walked. And maybe that is why I fell in love with a part of the city that most tourists never make it to. Since it was not my first visit, I could avoid all the touristy destinations. #parisphoto #streetsofeurope

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27 thoughts on “Paris In The Rain: A Photo Story”

  1. Despite the rain and not taking your camera out you still got some beautiful photos. It’s interesting how everyone has a different opinion on Paris, like you said they either love it or hate it. I loved it. The first time my boyfriend visited it he hated it, but the second time when he came with me he loved it. Weird, isn’t it?

  2. Jimmy & Tina Durham

    The Story behind the locks or history is that of a significance to a couples love for each other and so romantically placed on the bridges in Paris as well as Amsterdam, I’m sure there are other places but couldn’t tell you where! Not quite sure of whole story either, but it has something to do with that. Great photo tour!

  3. Hi! I’m from Paris so I’m glad you enjoyed it and stood away from the clichés and decided to see it for yourself! 🙂 Sorry about the weather though! I guess the best time to go is in April/May! it’s true that people think either it is a “dream” romantic city (and then are disapointed lol) or that is dirty. Leaving abroad I see that Paris can be a bit dangerous…I have friends here (in Iceland) who thinks it stinks in the streets while they never went there! It’s mostly the subway that can smell like piss lol Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed it besides the rain 😉

  4. Probearoundthe Globe

    I think you managed quite well to snap some good shots from Paris. Even in the rain. I love the one of the Louvre museum with the pyramid. Although a stereotype view, you brought something new and fresh to the picture. Love it.

  5. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and you did an amazing job capturing its beauty and charm. Your pictures are beautiful. Rain or shine, Paris is such a charismatic place. I still haven’t visited Moulin Rouge despite visiting Paris countless times, but I think you’ve convinced me to check it out next time.

  6. Soraya @ Hello Raya

    Even though it rained, you still captured beautiful photos. The photo you took of the Eiffel Tower looks so romantic – I love the bit of mist. And the night capture of Moulin Rouge looks fun! I totally agree with what you said at the beginning – each place you visit has it’s own inner soul that creates different experiences for different people.

    1. Glad that you liked the pictures. Mist one was not intentional. Eiffel tower looked like that during my entire stay in Paris this time around. I was staying in an area where I could see the Eiffel tower as soon as I left the hotel.

  7. Beautiful snaps of Paris! I wish I’d fallen in love with Paris like most people but I had a really crappy time because I got realllllly bad food poisoning there… At least it was only on the last night so I didn’t miss out on much. I agree with you on the yummy food! That was my favourite part 😛

  8. Television of Nomads

    Sometimes a little rain might not be a bad thing! The rain can push you to discover new places that you wouldn’t go to otherwise or view things in a different perspective than you normally would. Also, gray skies are fitting for some photos! You still managed to get some great snaps of Paris on your trip 🙂

  9. The Full-Time Tourist

    I didn’t really enjoy Paris the first time I went, as I found it dirty (like your friends and family warned you in your Instagram caption). But once you look past that, it is quite a romantic and beautiful city. It’s too bad that the rain stopped you from taking your camera out some day, but those are usually the days where you can truly appreciate where you are without worrying about taking photos or capturing every single thing you did that day.

  10. Paris is a romantic place for every couple, I think every corner I can see them at first I found it irritating but now it’s not pretty crazy. Awesome pictures by the way.


  11. Your words about Paris have really intrigued me. Very well written! I agree people have love-hate relationship with Paris. I’m not sure if I want to visit it ever…,but I might want to visit the countryside around it.

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A gorgeous Cathedral in Estonia
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