UK And Ireland Visa in 2024: British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) For Indians (England Visa)

A step by step guide on how I obtained an Uk and Ireland Visa under the British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) for Indians. Read on to find out more.

Written by: Soumya Nambiar

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I just got back this weekend from a 3 week trip to Uk and Ireland. I went to attend the TBEX conference at Killarney, Ireland. It was such a hectic and wonderful trip and I have loads of stories to write about. But I got lots of queries from my readers asking me about how to apply for BIVS visa from India. Did I require two separate visas to visit these countries? So to answer all your queries, let me begin by explaining the ‘UK And Ireland Visa: British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) For Indians‘. (Update: I went to the UK twice post that in 2018 and 2019 and hence I have added the updated information for this post. I am also planning for end of the year in 2023 and I have reapplied.)

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What is British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) for Indians?

You must be wondering what is the meaning of BIVS? This is a visa scheme that was introduced a few years ago and is applicable to both Indians and Chinese nationals. Under this BIVS (BIVS Full form is British Irish Visa Scheme ) visa system, you can enter both UK and Ireland on a single visa and is mostly applicable in the case of short-stay visas(less than 6 months).

The only condition is that you need to first travel to the country that issued the visa. Since I was flying to London from India, I had to apply to the UK application centre in India. Indian or Chinese passport holders with valid UK Visa holders can enter Ireland using BIVS UK visa.

BIVS Visa Application Process for UK BIVS Visa and Ireland Visa

Once it was determined that I had to apply for UK visa BIVS, the application is same as in the case of only the UK visa.

Register an account at the Gov UK website.

Fill in the initial few details and register yourself. You will receive further instructions on the email address you provided. Once you confirm your email address, you can log in to the website.

Update as of December 2019:  The website has changed and hence the screenshots are a bit different. But the basic process still remains the same.

Uk Visa Application Form Screenshot

Create an Application for a Visa for UK and Ireland

Fill in few more details and create an application. Once you create an application, click on ‘Go to Application’ to fill in other details. (I just noticed that this website has got a brand new look.)

Uk And Ireland Visa (BIVS) Application Form Screenshot
Uk And Ireland Visa (BIVS) Application Form Screenshot

Filling your application for your visa for Ireland and UK

There are multiple subsections while filling the application. You also have an option to save and continue at a later point in time. I don’t think we can finish the application in one sitting and this is a helpful option to have.

Enter all details truthfully. In my case, I only knew that I was going to go on a road trip around Scotland and Ireland. But I hadn’t booked my accommodation yet and I mentioned this in my application. Please note that I am a frequent traveler and hence they might not have scrutinized my application as much as they do for others. Once all details are filled, sign the declaration form.

Uk And Ireland Visa: British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) For Indians

Book An Appointment for UK Visa

Ideally, you can apply for an appointment at the nearest consulate a few days in advance. Since I was travelling during that time, I opted for an appointment a few weeks ahead. I prefer the morning/ first slots for all my visa appointments since I can finish everything and still get to the office on time. Also, the morning appointments mean less waiting. As the day progresses, the queues just get longer and longer.

Pay your UK visa fees online:

You have to pay this online once you have booked an appointment. It is approximately Rs 9200 for a short-term visit visa and you can use your preferred mode of payment.

What are the documents required for a UK/Ireland Visa under the BIVS system?

Once your appointment is fixed and your BIVS visa fees paid, then it is time to get all the documents ready for submission.

Update as of December 2019

You don’t have to submit physical copies of any of the documents anymore. You have an option to upload all the documents at the end of the application. I realised at the last minute and I didn’t have some of the documents scanned. Hence I availed the services of VFS. They scanned my documents when I went for the biometrics. Please note that they charge around Rs 750 for scanning the documents.

You can find the list of documents that need to be submitted here. These are the documents I submitted:

  1. Invite/Visa Letter from Failte Ireland:

    As mentioned before, I was going to attend Tbex in Ireland. Since this was arranged by Failte Ireland, I asked them for a visa letter and on my request, they send one to me. I gave an invitation letter from my friend when I applied in 2018 and 2019.

  2. Bank Statements

    Bank statements for the past 6 months. In addition, I had submitted my copy of all my fixed deposits as well. I know many of you have a question on how much bank balance should be there in one’s account. I advise a minimum of Rs 1 lakh and more in case you do not have sufficient travel history.

  3. Form 16’s for the past three years.
  4. Proof of residence:

    You should show ample proof that you intend to return. In case you are a registered owner of any property, it is wise to include proof of ownership.

  5. Salary Slips for past three months in case of a salaried employee.
  6. Leave Letter from the employer.

    Yes, I work for my family’s venture. But I still included this.

  7. Flight bookings:

    This is not mandatory but my tickets were already booked. They were refundable to an extent. I did not include any documents for travel within the UK or Ireland. (Check out section 4 in the list here.)

  8. Hotel Bookings:

    This is not mandatory as well in the case of a UK visa. I was staying with a friend in London and most of my bookings were confirmed only once I got the visa. But I did have one confirmed hotel booking in Ireland and that was included in the docket as well.

  9. Travel Insurance: 

    I never travel anywhere without insurance and this was included in the file as well.

  10. Cover Letter:

    This is also not mandatory again in the case of UK visa. There is one issue with the BIVS system though. There is no place in the entire UK visa application form to select the BIVS option. Yes, you can put it in the ‘Additional details’ text box. But there is still no option to select it as a radio button or something. So someone had suggested in a forum to include a cover letter where you can mention that you are planning to visit Ireland as well and you need a UK/Ireland visa under the BIVS system. The lady who collected my documents at the VFS centre also said the same thing.

  11. Document Checklist Copy.

    You will have to sign and give a copy of this at the VFS centre.

  12. Two copies of your online application form.
  13. Passport

    Your passport should have at least 6 months of validity after your date of travel. I had taken my old passports as well but they did not accept it at the VFS center.

Submitting your documents and biometrics for the BIVS scheme

Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  1. On the day of the appointment, ensure that you reach the VFS center at least 15 minutes in advance. There is no point going any earlier since they do not allow you inside the building before your appointment time.
  2. Mobile phones are allowed. But laptops are not allowed. They do have a storage center to keep your laptops.
  3. Bangalore has a new VFS address and it is in Langford town. Parking is available on the road if you have an early morning appointment. Else it will be difficult to find parking.
  4. Once you enter the center, you will have to sign the application form and the document checklist and submit your passport and other documents. There are two security points before this.
  5. Then you need to enter another room and the VFS officer will verify if you have submitted all your documents. If you opt for courier service for delivery of your passport, this is where you pay Rs350 for the service. They accept only cash and I had forgotten to withdraw cash. Thankfully, there is an ATM on the floor.
  6. Then proceed to get your photograph taken and your fingerprints scanned with the sealed bag they give you. After this is done, you are done.
  7. The whole process took less than 30 minutes for me.

Waiting Time for processing of your UK/Ireland Visa

Unless you have gone for a fast track visa, it will take 15 working days. It took me exactly 19 days from the date of submission to the day I received my visa which was approximately 13 working days. This was the same case for all the other Indians who applied too and were at the conference.

Only in the case of one of us, the Irish embassy had intervened and he got his visa in 5 days (He had applied for an Irish visa). So it is suggested that you apply for a visa at least 1.5-2 months in prior. My visa came almost at the last minute and it was nerve-wracking to wait for a visa for that long. This is the longest I have ever waited for a visa.


Applying for a UK Visa for the second time

So I went to the UK again in November 2018 and November 2019. My previous visa was only valid for 6 months and that expired in March 2018. So I had to reapply. And I had the same queries as everyone else. How is the process different when I am applying for the second time? What are the documents that need to be submitted?

Actually, the process remains exactly the same. You have to submit the same set of documents. You will have to go and submit your biometrics again even if they already have the details. The only difference is that the processing time is much faster.

I submitted my documents on Thursday at the Bangalore VFS center, they reached the Chennai Consulate on Monday, my passport was dispatched back on Tuesday and I received my passports with the new visa by Wednesday evening. I didn’t even apply for a priority visa and I got it in under 5 working days. It was stamped with a BIVS stamp this time too.

Optional Services for UK visa at VFS:

Nowadays VFS is providing many additional services. You can check some of the services they provide below:

UK VFS Services 1
UK VFS Services 2
UK VFS Services 3
UK VFS Services 4
UK VFS Services 5
UK VFS Services 6
UK VFS Services 7
UK VFS Services 8
UK VFS Services 9
UK VFS Services 10
chicago 1768745 1280

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Ireland and UK Visa for Indians (BIVS)

I keep getting frequent queries on various aspects of a BIVS visa UK. This is my attempt at answering them.

What is the correct website for applying a UK tourist visa for Indians?

As mentioned before, Visa Immigration is the correct website for applying a UK visa. Any other website will usually charge you extra for obtaining a Bivs Visa for Indians.

How do I apply for an Ireland Visa for Indians under BIVS?

The procedure is similar and you can find the Irish visa application form here.

Should I apply for a British visa or an Irish visa if I am planning to go to both countries?

You should apply to the country through which you intend to enter the common travel area. For e.g, if you are flying to London, you need to apply for a British visa and if you are flying to Dublin, you need to apply for an Irish visa.

What is the common travel area when it comes to BIVS Visa?

UK and Ireland are part of the common travel area. With the BIVS visa, visitors can now move freely between these two countries on one visa. Isle of Man and Channel Islands are not included in this scheme.

I have a multiple entry visa from the UK. On subsequent visits, can I go to Ireland first?

No, you cannot. You have to first fly to the UK and then fly to Ireland even if it is a subsequent visit. This is applicable vice versa too. You should always fly first to the country issuing the visa.

What is the visa application fees for the UK or Ireland visa?

It is approximately Rs 10250 (Update May 2023) and you need to pay it online while scheduling your appointment.

Is the visa application fees refundable after online payment?

 In the case of a rejection or if you cancel your plan to travel to UK or Ireland, it is non-refundable. Once the online payment has been done, it is non-refundable.

Is the visa application fees refundable after online payment?

 In the case of a rejection or if you cancel your plan to travel to UK or Ireland, it is non-refundable. Once the online payment has been done, it is non-refundable.

I am an Indian living in the UK with a work permit. Do I need a visa to go to Ireland?

Unfortunately, yes. You need a separate visa to travel to Ireland if you are in the above category. The same case is valid for Indians living in other EU countries. You can only travel to Northern Ireland without the visa.

Can I travel to other Schengen countries with my UK/Ireland visa?

No, you cannot. Since both the UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen area, you need a separate visa to travel to the Schengen countries.

Can I travel to Ireland with UK visa?/ Can UK visa be used to enter Ireland? / Is a UK visa valid for Ireland?

If your passport has a BIVS endorsement, you can travel to Ireland with your UK visa. Provided that you enter Ireland after entering the UK first.

Can I travel to Paris with my UK/Ireland visa?

Again, I repeat. No, you cannot. Paris is part of France which is part of the Schengen and you need a Schengen visa to enter the Schengen area.

Can I travel to Dublin if I have a UK visa?

If you have a BIVS stamp on UK visa, then you can travel to Dublin with your UK visa.

I flew to the UK. But I need to fly out of Ireland. Is this allowed?

Yes, this is allowed. You can fly out of the UK in the other case as well.

Do I need another visa to go to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

All four countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) under the United Kingdom can be visited using this visa

I have a BIVS Visa from the UK embassy. Can I fly to Edinburgh first?

Yes, you can. Edinburgh is part of Scotland which is a part of the UK.

Who handles the UK visa processing in India?

VFS handles the collection of documents and biometrics for both UK and Ireland visa in India. Please note that they do not have the authority to grant you a visa. The documents once collected are sent to the respective embassy in India. 

I applied for the visa more than a month ago. I have still not received my visa.

During peak season, it may take longer for the embassy to process your visa. Hence apply for a visa well in advance keeping this in mind. It is better to contact VFS or the embassy directly to know the status of your visa. 

What is the earliest date by which I can apply for a BIVS visa?

You can apply at least 3 months before your intended date of travel. 

How long can I stay in the UK or Ireland on my BIVS visa?

You can stay upto 90 days in Ireland with your short term BIVS visa. You can stay upto 180 days in the UK with the same visa. 

How long can I stay in the UK or Ireland on my BIVS visa?

You can stay upto 90 days in Ireland with your short term BIVS visa. You can stay upto 180 days in the UK with the same visa. 

What documents are required for processing?

This has been explained in detail above. In case of any further queries, please do contact me.

Who are eligible for BIVS visa?

All Indian and Chinese nationals are eligible for the BIVS visa in the case of short stay visas.

I do not have a BIVS endorsement on my stamp. Am I eligible for this scheme?

This needs to be answered by the relevant embassy or VFS. Please contact them directly.

What does a stamp of United Kingdom (BIVS) mean?/ What is the meaning of the UK Visa (BIVS)?

If you have a United Kingdom (BIVS) stamp on your passport, then it means that you can travel to both UK and Ireland with a single visa. BIVS stands for the British Irish Visa Scheme and is applicable for Indians and few more nationalities.

Can I visit Scotland with a BIVS (British Ireland Visa scheme)?

Yes, Scotland is part of the UK and hence can be visited using a BIVS visa. Cities like Glasgow, Edinburg are part of Scotland and you don’t need a separate visa if you have a BIVS stamp.

Can I visit other countries with a UK visa?

As an Indian, you can visit approximately 29 countries in addition to the UK. Most of these countries are in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean. We used this visa for Tharun when he was traveling to Mexico for the first time.

Why would a UK visa be denied?

Your visa could get rejected for the below reasons. So ensure that you have a fool proof application pack when you apply:

-> Your documentation is inadequate.
-> You have not filled the application form correctly.
-> You falsified some of the documentation or lied on your application. -> Never do this. Always be honest while applying for a UK visa. They usually find out in such cases.
-> You do not have sufficient travel history.
-> You do not show clear intent of coming back to India or you are listed as a potential immigrant.
-> Financial requirements are not met. You should have at least Rs 1 lakh in your bank account when you are applying for the British visa.
-> You have a criminal record.
-> You violated the terms of your visa during a previous visit.

Can I apply for a new visa if my visa is rejected?

Yes, you can apply with the updated details for a fresh visa.

How long do I have to wait after a UK visitor visa rejection?

You can apply immediately. There is no wait time for applying for a fresh visa in the case of a rejection.

Does this website help in procuring a United Kingdom BIVS or a BIVS visa Ireland for us?

This website is a purely informational website based on personal experiences and only gives you pointers on how to apply for the UK and Ireland visa by yourself. We do not help in procuring visas for you. We are always ready to answer your queries but please understand that some questions can only be answered by the visa authorities themselves.

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My passport arrived with a multiple entry UK/Ireland BIVS stamp and is valid for the next 6 months from the date of issue. I hope I have answered all your queries on how to apply for BIVS visa. I was able to freely travel between the UK and Ireland with this BIVS visa.

UK and Ireland Visa : British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) for Indians | Visa process for Indians | Irish Visa | UK Visa | United Kingdom Visa

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    • If you opt for SMS and email notifications, I think it is around 300rs extra. Nothing else for a normal tourist visa application. Fast track application charges are different though.

  12. Where do we have to mention about the BIVS scheme? I have applied for Short stay Irish Visa and the application has no mention of the BIVS scheme? Do i have to mention this at the time of my interview?

    • Hi Santosh, it is recommended that you mention this in your cover letter. You can submit this cover letter when you go to submit the documents.

      • Hi Soumya,

        I have a query here. I am a resident of India. I wish to visit my family (Sister and Brother-in-law) residing in Ireland in the month of August. I want to apply for the Family or Friends Short stay visa under BIVS scheme

        In case I wish to travel to the UK during my stay, can I do so on a Single-entry visa under The British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) or do I need to apply for Multiple entry visa for the same?

  13. BIVS Scheme is not mentioned anywhere on my application. I have applied for a short stay irish visa and I wish to visit Northern Ireland too. Also Do i need multi-entry visa.

      • Hi – If I wish to land in Ireland then take a trip to UK – Will this work out by applying Short stay Visa ‘C’ website( As there is no place to highlight BIVS in the application form. Can you please clarify. Thanks!!

        • while applying, you can mention that you require a BIVS visa in your cover letter. That is what I did since it is not mentioned anywhere on the application form. But from what I heard from others, you get a BIVS by default in most cases.

    • Hi Palak, Even I have a same query. Surfing through website. there are detail mentioned for BIVS programme. But, no option to apply online as separate category. Short Stay visa comes under ‘C’ category. I’m afraid to apply with Visa Category as ‘C’ – do we have any other link to apply BIVS category?

    • It is not necessary for UK visa unless specifically requested. But I never travel anywhere without insurance and hence I submitted this as well.

  14. Hi Soumya,

    Very helpful post. I am planning to visit a place called Dingle which is in southwest Ireland apart from London and Scotland. Will BIVS visa allow me to travel these places?

    • Yes, this visa allows you to go to Dingle as well. 🙂 I visited Dingle myself during this trip. Don’t forget to go see Fungie.

      • Thank you so much. Will definitely meet Fungie :).
        I had another question, my passport shows a different address (permanent) form the address i currently live. I have a rental agreement for the place i currently live.
        Which address should i go ahead on the application?

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      • Now ima worried that will I get the visa I’ve submitted all papers with a good covering letter but I am not that a rich person to have very big bank balance average family guy want to travel with my kids although I have been to shenanigans countries three years back still little nervous and worried

  16. Hi Soumya,
    I live in Ireland. My friends are planning to visit me but they are nervous about submitting original property deeds and marriage and birth certificates. Did you have to submit originals and did you get them back? Many thanks for your help

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    Is it that I have to travel to UK first if I have a UK visa and then go to ireland or with a UK Visa I can directly go to ireland.

      • Hey, just a follow up question on this one. Do I need to travel to UK first if I am using my UK visa for the second time in 6 months or can I directly go to Ireland?

        • No, you cannot. You have to first fly to the UK and then fly to Ireland even if it is a subsequent visit. This is applicable vice versa too.

          • If I get a BIVS Visa, which tourist attractions I should not miss to see around Ireland, Scotland and London within a 15 days time only.

          • It depends on when you want to go. Off the top of my head, Isle of Skye, Wild Atlantic Way, Ring of Kerry are the ones I loved the most in Scotland and Ireland.

  18. Very informative. However, I have a question which might have been answered but missed by me. I have applied for an Irish (short stay-tourist) visa and hoping to get BIVS along with (have asked for BIVS in application ask well). So, my first port of entry will be Ireland but while returning, I have a transit through Heathrow (change over within 3 hours and it completes within the same day and do not cross mid night). Does BIVS satisfy for the transit as well or a separate transit visa for UK is still required?

    • I don’t think you require a separate transit visa if you get the BIVS stamp. Why don’t you get it clarified with the consulate before travelling?

  19. Soumya its been 20 days now approaching sincei submitted all documents and biometric no news of my visa acceptance or rejections am little worried as people told that its rush time these days so waiting for it can we track the GWF number from some website .. what to do guide me

    • It has still not been 15 working days because there was the Easter holiday weekend in between. Hopefully, you should get it this week. If you don’t get it, try contacting the embassy directly.

  20. Hello I got my visa finally now my plans i am reaching on 4th june and departing on 11th june so i have days in between so if you can kindly suggest me places of visit in London as i will be with my kids aged 11 and 14 and some good india eat outs not expensive would love your guidance

  21. Hello, Once you visited Ireland with UK visa and back to UK, do you still go through immigration at UK and will go through stamping again? Is the UK short stay visa allows multiple entries one at the port of entry in UK & second while returning from Ireland in your case?
    Thanks advance,

    • Yes, it allows multiple entries and I had a multiple entry visa. But I had specifically mentioned while applying that I will need a multiple entry one. With respect to immigration, there was no immigration check when we flew back to London from Dublin. I guess that depends on the flight and airport though. Because they checked when we landed in Kerry though.

  22. Yes , Respected madam , its really a useful information . You have touched the each and every aspect from the point of First time traveler… Most important thing is that , all the information is given in a simple and illustrative way

  23. Hi Soumya, thanks for sharing the post and it’s helpful. While I’m completely aware of BIVS I’ve a question re multiple entry visa.

    My girlfriend stays in Ireland and is an Irish citizen and my couin stays in Manchester an UK citizen.

    I’ve travelled to both places last year on single entry BIVS endorsed visa and this time I wish to apply for multiple entry friends and family visa for Ireland.

    My proposed travel dates are
    1st visit – 7th June to 30th Aug
    2nd visit – 15th Oct to 12th Jan

    Main query is I don’t want to come back to India and spend additional flight / logistics cost.

    Is it possible that I fly to UK on let’s says 18th Aug and return back to Ireland in a week and then be able to stay in Ireland for another 90days? My first port of entry will be Ireland so I’ll say I’m staying until let’s say 30th Aug so they’ll stamp until then and then in between I go to UK as mentioned above when I come back to Itsnd from UK and have multiple entry visa will I be able to stay for another 90d? Or am I better off applying UK multiple entry visa as Irish visa permits max 90d while UK permits 6m?

    Thanks a mill for any help

  24. Hey,
    Great post. But I have a small query. I am travelling to U.K. and Ireland with family. And have applied for the BritishIreland Scheme Visa. We plan to do Ireland in the first half and my point of entry is London. My query is that can I fly to Ireland directly from Heathrow the same day as I land in London or do I need to spend a night in London and travel next day? We are just spending 3 days in Shannon and about 2 weeks in U.K. After that.
    Thank you.

    • From what I understand, it depends on your point of entry. Since you are landing in London, a UK visa should do. You can get it clarified with the embassy as well.

  25. i have to attend a conference in dublin, ireland. For creating an application form, i have to write the visa type and sub visa type. so, for attending a conference which type of visa and sub visa type i have to enter to fill up the application form.

  26. Thanks Soumya very useful. I have a question I have a multiple entry Irish Visa. My plan is to first go to Ireland and then London( so that Ireland is my first port if entry) Then from London go to a Shengen country ( I have a valid Shengen visa) and return to London and then fly back to India. Can I do this journey if I dont have a UK visa but have a valid Irish visa ?

    So basically I entered Ireland first but on my return journey go to London and then return back.

    • From what I understand from your query, you may not be able to do this. Since you are flying from a zone outside the BIVS parameters (Schengen in your case). But you may need to get this clarified with the consulate before you travel.

  27. Hi
    I do not have a multiple entry visa to Ireland but have a BIVS visa.After landing in Ireland, can I travel to London for a day and return back to Ireland.Does my visa have to be multiple entry?

  28. Hi..
    Thanks for all the info.
    While filling the form for UK Visa and the cover letter,do i include the days of entry and exit including the days i spent in Ireland? Or that’s only for UK?

      • Thanks for all details।it is really help ful।I have done with all UK Visa formalities 14 days before my tickets are not booked waiting for visa.travelbdate is June first week worried the tickets rates will go up already travelled uS , Australia Greece in past 5 visa is must?

  29. hi,
    i have a question. i plan to go to london with uk short term visit visa from US. then from london to dublin using same uk short term visit visa. now to my question, can i return back to us from dublin where-in airport will they let me board flight back to US from dublin? will dublin immigration guys let me board flight to us with just the uk visa in passport? or do i have to go back to london or any UK city to fly back to US?

  30. Hi hi applied for bivs on april 30, till now i did not get any intimation from the embassy can someone tell me what can i do.

  31. Hi I have submitted my short stay ireland visa file at 17 may but there is no issue my visa till now could you tell me about how long takes time more by ireland embassy

    • It takes minimum 15-20 working days. It has hardly been 12 working days in your case. Suggest you to wait.

  32. halo mam I want to ask a important question from you that but in my file mentioned only short stay visa of ireland other side( but did not mention about BIVS on my file so I can also visit england after visit first ireland (DUBLIN) pl tell me mam

      • hi mam, according to you it is not sure is that I cannot visit from ireland to england with one visa of ireland short stay visa.

          • For Bivs Visa ,do I have to mention about my complete itinerary of my internal visits to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, cork, Belfast, Dublin etc. Or only to and fro destination i. e. India to Dublin and return.

          • It is not mandatory if your plans are still not finalised. But you can add it to your cover letter if you know your plans.

        • Where did I say that? With BIVS, you can visit both UK and Ireland. They usually give a BIVS visa when you apply for a short stay visa.

  33. hi mam, if I want to visit england from after visit to dublin you should have under BIVS visa not a only ireland short saty visa .

  34. Halo dear mam, I have submitted my file in Ireland embassy on 17may for short stay in visa of ireland but didn’t give any answer from embassy. So I want to to know , why embassy is delaying in my process what is the reason. Please tell me what I do. Thanks from my side

    • Only the embassy can give you the real reason for the delay. But usually, during peak time, it is common for the embassy to take time.

  35. I have been to UK in 2014 and on that same visa i went to ireland (For which i was allowed entry). I did not apply specifcially for BIVS.
    I have a 6 month Multiple enrty visa for UK. Can I use the same visa to visit Ireland this time as well ? Again, i have not specifically applied for BIVS and neither have i got a specific visa which mentions BIVS.

    • Hi Miliand, I have exavtly same question. I have short term ‘C’ visa for UK, and I am currently in UK but my visa doesnt say BIVS. Can I still be allowed to Dublin?

    • From what I understand, you can still visit Ireland if you don’t have a BIVS stamp. You can get this clarified with the consulate though.

  36. Hi madam,
    I am an indian working in Mauritius. I am planning to go to Ireland to attend a conference. There is no Irish embassy. I heard about BIVS. Is it necessary to get the visa from India to avail BIVS or can I get the UK visa from British High Commision at Mauritius?

    • Hi, If you take a UK BIVS visa from the British High commission, then you will have to fly to UK first and you can only fly to Ireland from there. That is the only condition of the BIVS visa.

  37. Dear mam, I have submitted my file of short stay in visa of Ireland on 18 may last month but didn’t issue my visa till Now. I want to know that what is reason why embassy didn’t issue my visa. Please tell me what will I do now.

      • yes mam I did contact the embassy they said that now your process is under the ireland embassy.they said procesing time has been changed by embassy and new timeline has not bewen updated by them yet as they are working on it and sooner they are going tb updated the new timeline.

  38. halo mam, Actualy mam I have applied for short stay visa for dublin in ireland and according to your knowledge I can visit england after visit dublin or not. In file there is no mention about BIVS . so pl tell me clearly regarding this.THNKS REGRDING ME.

  39. Halo dear mam, I have told you my quiery already 20 days before mam but again I want to ask from you ireland embassy did not issue my visa till now although I have submitted my file on 17 may 2018. my process is too much late. now what I will do mam pl tell me. Thanks

  40. On the given website for UK visa,there is no separate option to select BIVS. so in that how would the UK consulate come to know that we are applying under BIVS.

    Can you please help?

    • Hi, You can mention in the cover letter that you are applying for BIVS. Even though it is no longer need to explicitly mention in your application.

  41. Hi !
    Thanks for the guidance!
    I wanted to ask , if i have BIVS visa from UK Embassy , and want to fly in Edinburgh first and then London , is that feasible?

  42. I am applying for a BVIS visa I will be entering UK first then I am going to Italy. My question is that can I enter Dublin from Italy or do I have to again go from Italy to London and then go to Dublin

    • From what I understand, you need to visit London first in this case. I may be wrong and you can get this clarified with the relevant authorities.

  43. I have a UK BIVS Visa and will be entering Dublin through London. My question is: to exit the country, can I travel from Dublin-Frankfurt-India? Or do I need to return back through first port of entry (London)? Thanks in advance.

    • No, you can exit through Dublin. For BIVS, only point of entry has to be the country which granted the visa. Exit point can be based on your choice.

  44. Hi Saumya, Bless you for this! While we are frequent travellers and visas are not complex for us, we really screwed up on the ‘condition’ for a UK issued BIVS visa and did not realise there was a rider about port of first entry. We booked tickets to Dublin without a UK entry! Would you know the minimum stay of duration in port of first entry (UK- London in our case as we reschedule)? Also, I’m assuming leaving Dublin directly for India will not be an issue after our stay? I’m just relying on your goodwill to answer this, I will not hold you responsible but am hoping your response will be faster than a consulates! Cheers and TIA.

    • I really am not sure about the first question because I have never faced that issue. You can exit through either country though.

  45. Do yߋu mind if I quoote a cοuple of your articles ass long as
    I providе credit ɑnd sources bаck to your ѡeblog? Mу wеbsite is in the very
    same niche as yours and my visitfoгs woulԁ genuinely benefit frօm
    a lot oof the information you present here. Pleɑse let me
    know iff this ɑlright with you. Tһanks a lot!

  46. Very Informative post. I wish I had seen this before applying for Visa. Now I got a UK visa without BIVS stamping or I don’t know how the BIVS stamp looks?
    Can you share a photo of the stamp?

    • I will add it to the post. The only difference is that next to ‘United Kingdom’ in the ‘Valid for’ field, you will have BIVS in brackets. So it will look like ‘United Kingdom (BIVS)’.

  47. I am an Indian national but a resident of Canada. Do you know if I can obtain the BIVS visa if I apply to the UK consulate in canada? I read somewhere that this visa is only available to people who apply in India or China.

  48. I am an Indian citizen and I have both US and UK visitors visas but has applied from India. I have to travel to US next month and have to visit UK as well after that. Can i travel straight from US to UK instead of travelling from India to UK ? Is that possible ? I am visiting UK for the first time but have already visited US. I am a bit confused here. In a nut shell applied UK visa from India but my source country is US !!

  49. I am an Indian Citizen with both US and UK visitors visas that were applied from India. I need to travel to US next month and also to UK after that. I am planning to stay at US for 3 months and then at UK for another 4 months. Is it possible for me to travel from US straight to UK instead of travelling from India ? I have already traveled to US but it is my first trip to the UK. Can my source country be US even though i have applied my UK visa from India. Please give me an advise. Cheers !!

    • I believe this is allowed and I have done this almost 20 years ago. But to be certain, you can try writing to the embassy directly.

  50. I am an Indian living in the Bahrain with a work permit.I planned to visit Ireland for business purposes and i like to visit UK too as tourist , Do i am eligible for BIVS irish short stay visa ? and if so visa should be multiple entry visa i am i right ?

  51. I have been issued a Short stay UK visa with BIVS, by UK High Commission. To travel to Ireland, would I need to enter UK first and then travel to Ireland or can I travel to Ireland direct.
    Thanks to guide.

  52. Thanks a lot for all the clarification on BIVS Visa. I have question related to bank statements, will it be fine if I provide online bank statements. And what is the minimum fund requirements?

    • Hi Amit, You will have to provide bank statements attested by a bank officer. If it is your first time, I would suggest around 2 lakhs at least.

  53. I am planning my visit to uk in December for a new year and got my visa with BIVS endorsement, To travel to ireland from uk, is there restriction on days that we have to spend in uk before visiting ireland, as i am planning to go 3 days after landing in uk.

    Also will they stamp a passport whilst entering Ireland at Dublin airport?

    • No there is no restriction on the number of days and 3 days should be fine. I entered Ireland via Kerry and they did stamp my passport.

  54. Hi,

    I am an Indian national in Germany and am applying for the UK Visa, and intend to travel to Ireland on it as well (but will make the entry through UK).
    Unfortunately, my bank statements and residence permit are in German and there is no possible way to translate them to English. All the other documents are in English.
    Is it okay for the bank statements to be in German since they only need to look at my balance and history?
    And the residence permit is a stamp on the passport and cannot be translated.


  55. To apply for BIVS is it mandatory for an applicant to Land in UK and get a entry and exit stamp from UK before traveling to Ireland ?

    • If you are applying for a UK BIVS visa, then it is mandatory that you have to fly to UK first. If you are applying for an Ireland BIVS visa, then you have to fly to Ireland first.

  56. Hi Soumya!

    Thanks for the extremely informative post. I have a similar itinerary so just wanted to run it by you once to clarify.

    I intend to attend a conference in Ireland, and I have an invite letter from the conference. However, I wish to enter through London first, and then go to Ireland for my conference. Do you think it’s okay for me to apply for the UK Visa with an invite for a conference in Ireland?

    Thanks in advance!

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the prompt reply. One quick follow-up: which category did you apply under? Tourism or Business? Considering you would be a tourist for UK, however, your purpose of visiting Ireland would be Business.

        Thanks in advance!!

  57. Hello…..Thank you much for the information.I am planning to apply for a BIVS.I have two questions. One is, can I apply for BIVS multiple entry visa? And the second is I am planning to fly to England and then to Dublin.After the vacation can I fly to my Hometown directly from Dublin? Or should I fly back to England and then fly to my Home town?

    • BIVS are usually multiple entry visas, unless in exceptional cases. There is no restriction on the exit port. Only entry port has to be the same as from where you took the visa from.

  58. Hey. Thank you for the information. Where can I get the document checklist ? Will they provide the checklist in the VFS or should I carry it with me? You mentioned that you signed the application form and checklist in VFS office. Do I have to sign the application form in the VFS office only or can I sign it before going to VFS? Once again thank you for the blog

  59. Hey. Thanks for the information. Where can I get the document checklist you mentioned ? And do I have to sign my application form and checklist at the VFS only in front of them?

  60. Hi, Great post! I had a question. I want to attend a concert in Ireland(Dublin) in the first week of July, and then travel the UK(England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland). From your post I understand that I have to apply for a BIVS visa and enter through Ireland. Can you advice on when I should start the process? Can I start now? Or the earliest you can start is 3 months before the fly date? Thanks much in advance.

  61. Hi
    I currently hold a UK , BIVS visa. I’m flying into London and planning a go around to Dublin by air and to Belfast from Dublin through land.
    Is this allowed with the Uk BIVS Scheme plus I’m getting back to India from Dublin .
    Do I have to fly out from London?
    Thank you

    • Yes, you can use this visa to go to Belfast from Dublin through land. Also, you are allowed to fly out from Dublin. Only port of entry has to be London in your case. Port of exit can be either.

  62. Hi Sowmya…you are doing a great and a very helpful job of answering all these repetitive questions but the consulate and airlines just don’t help you out with these queries and they confuse you more. On that note I too have a query for which I have sought answers from Etihad as well as the consulate and they have confused me to no end. So here is my question…I am traveling to Dublin by Etihad and will be landing in London and my next flight is Aer Lingus with a stop over of 2 hours. I already have a UK(BIVS) visa , will we
    be clearing immigration in Heathrow ( Landing in Terminal 4 and departing from Terminal 2) and does it satisfy the port of entry condition for BIVS visa to Ireland since we are not staying in London but are continuing our journey to Dublin. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Pranjya,

      Just came across your query. Since me and my family too , intend to travel to Ireland next month via Heathrow ( terminal 5 to terminal 2, British Airways, layover 1hr45 mins) wanted to know about your experience about the ‘ transit’. Was it smooth? In our case, neither were we aware of the transit visa requirement or the BIVS scheme at the time of booking the flights, or applying for the Ireland Visa. Now we just hope one, we get the Visa on time, two, it should have a BIVS bu default else, we are in soup! No transit visa. Would you like to share your experience at the London Airport?

  63. Hey Soumy

    Super informational post.
    I am applying for my UK visa now and it says I have to compulsorily scan and submit documents online or I can scan it at the VFS center for a fee.

    in your review it says you submitted documents physically at VFS .
    Can you kindly clarify on this ?

    • You have to fill the application online and make the payment online. Based on the type of visa, you may have to submit some documents online as well. You have to physically go to VFS to submit the documents as well as do your fingerprinting scanning.

  64. Hi. I have started an application with the UK website (Gov.UK) but nowhere in the application do they mention BIVS. How do I make sure that I am applying for BIVS and not just for the UK? I intend to go to England and then to Dublin. Can you tell me if I am applying correctly? I have applied for a standard visitor visa. ( If I am wrong, would you mind adding the correct link a well. Thanks

  65. Hi,I got a UK Visa but without BIVS stamp,even though i mentioned in the application specially.Can i travel to Ireland with this Visa.

  66. Hi Soumya! I just came across your useful article and Q&A about BIVS scheme.
    My query is when you say, ‘ usually they issue it ‘by default’ , what could be the chances that we get it? My scenario : Booked our Ireland trip for 20th May by British Airways. Connecting flight is Via London Heathrow. Wasnt aware of the ‘transit uk visa’ . So can i rely on BIVS then? That is, ‘if’ we get it. My husband, my 12 year old son and myself are travelling and our Irish Visa is under process. ( biometrics were done on 24th April , while the date of travel is 20th May ) Worried . As per the BIVS norms, all our documents are there, plus our layover period is just 1 hr 45 mins
    We need to rush to terminal 2 from terminal 5 once we land on Heathrow.
    Please advice as per your knowledge and experience.
    Our entire trip now is dependent on BIVS , plus us timely receiving the Visa. Fingers crossed. Your reply awaited.

  67. Hi Soumya! I just came across your useful article and Q&A about BIVS scheme.
    My query is when you say, ‘ usually they issue it ‘by default’ , what could be the chances that we get it? My scenario : Booked our Ireland trip for 20th May by British Airways. Connecting flight is Via London Heathrow. Wasnt aware of the ‘transit uk visa’ . So can i rely on BIVS then? That is, ‘if’ we get it. My husband, my 12 year old son and myself are travelling and our Irish Visa is under process. ( biometrics were done on 24th April , while the date of travel is 20th May ) Worried . As per the BIVS norms, all our documents are there, plus our layover period is just 1 hr 45 mins
    We need to rush to terminal 2 from terminal 5 once we land on Heathrow.
    Please advice as per your knowledge and experience.
    Our entire trip now is dependent on BIVS , plus us timely receiving the Visa. Also, if we get a BIVS stamp on our Ireland Visa, and we come to London Heathrow airport for our connecting flight and then go to our final destination, will it be fine as per the BIVS first entry rules?
    Fingers crossed. Your reply awaited.

  68. Hi Soumya! I just came across your useful article and Q&A about BIVS scheme.
    My query is when you say, ‘ usually they issue it ‘by default’ , what could be the chances that we get it? My scenario : Booked our Ireland trip for 20th May by British Airways. Connecting flight is Via London Heathrow. Wasnt aware of the ‘transit uk visa’ . So can i rely on BIVS then? That is, ‘if’ we get it. My husband, my 12 year old son and myself are travelling and our Irish Visa is under process. ( biometrics were done on 24th April , while the date of travel is 20th May ) Worried . As per the BIVS norms, all our documents are there, plus our layover period is just 1 hr 45 mins
    We need to rush to terminal 2 from terminal 5 once we land on Heathrow.
    Please advice as per your knowledge and experience.
    Our entire trip now is dependent on BIVS , plus us timely receiving the Visa. Also, if we get a BIVS stamp on our Ireland Visa, and we come to London Heathrow airport for our connecting flight and then go to our final destination, will it be fine as per the BIVS first entry rules?
    Fingers crossed. Your reply awaited.

    Thank you

  69. hi ,
    thanks for such an informative post.
    i have a couple of questions, if i may ask.
    regarding the bank statements, is it okay if we have the internet copies or we need to get those from the bank?
    Also, i am a salaried employee, so i wanted to know whom should the employer letter be addresses to?

    • You need to get it attested from the bank. You will get a leave letter from your company. Every company has that option.

  70. Hi Sowmya,
    Your article is very nice and provides responses to lot many questions people have with respect to BIVS.
    I have a query. I have UK BIVS stamping done.
    And now I need to travel to Dublin.
    I have booked my flight from India to London and immediately connecting flight to Dublin.
    My question is “Should I stay in London for atleast a day or two before I travel to Dublin on UK BIVS”
    Response appreciated and Thanks in advance


  71. Have applied for and received the UK visa.Did not apply for Ireland as time was too short.
    However my ticket was pre-booked for Dublin…My question is can I buy a ticket for DUB-LHR (soon after my flight arrives in Dublin), without an Airport Transit visa and board the flight to London without leaving the airport, but changing terminals?

    • Do you have a BIVS stamp? From what I understand, you need to fly to from where you applied for your visa from.

  72. I’m applying for UK BIVS short stay visa for my parents.
    The intention of UK visa is just transit. The whole purpose is to visit Ireland.
    There won’t be any stay in UK and just to take a connecting flight to Ireland within 24 hours

    While submitting document for Uk visa, it asks a question like –
    if a person is going to stay in uk, if we answer No then further it ask
    if a person have valid visa to visiting country (i.e Ireland) in which case here we don’t

    So my question here is when we submit UK BIVS short stay visa form when asked a question purpose of applying for Uk visa, shall we select transit or we need to select tourism/family visit in UK ?

  73. I have BIVS Multi entry visa issued by UK on 29 May, 2019 valid for 6 months. I have travelled already once to England, Scotland and Ireland in first half of June, 2019 and returned back to India on 15 June, 2019. I have following questions:-
    1) How many times I can visit UK from India within the validity period ?
    2) What’s maximum limit of period of each visit to UK from India ?
    3) Can the validity of BIVS visa be extended by few weeks or months on special request for tourism purpose ?

    • You can visit multiple times within the 6 month period. But every time you leave, you will have to stay out of the UK for at least 15 days. You can stay upto 180 days if your visa is still valid. But for people staying for more than 3 months should have a valid reason to stay back. I have read that they give 6 months validity for the first few times. You can request for a one year or two-year visa post the first few times. This has to be validated.

  74. I have a conference in Belfast Northern Ireland and I plan to travel from India via Dublin. The day I land in Dublin, I want to go to Belfast, attend the conference for 5 days and come back to Dublin and then India. Can I immediately leave for Belfast upon reaching Dublin? My focal conference is in Belfast, so during visa form filling I am struggling to provide any person of contact in Ireland? Can I write about contact person in Belfast? Ireland is only required for me to travel to Belfast, Northern Ireland

    • If conference is in northern Ireland and I wish to travel to Belfast from Dublin, then under BIVS scheme, what type of short stay irish visa should I opt for, a conference or tourist visa? My conference is in Belfast, Northern Ireland, not Ireland

  75. Hi,
    There is a BIVS stamp in my UK Business Visa which was issued in Nov 2019. It also says Multi Visit. I have already travelled once to UK. I am planning to travel again to UK in Feb. Can you help me with below questions?
    1. My travel to UK is a business visit. I also wanted to travel to Ireland to meet my brother for 2-3 days. My understanding is I can travel with the Visa. Is it correct? (Does Business & Tourist visa differ in any way after I got the visa?)
    2. What questions can be asked in Ireland Immigration? Do I just have to provide my brother’s contact information (I will also have a return flight already booked)?

    • 1. Yes, you can with a BIVS stamp. Only condition is that you have to enter UK first and then proceed to Ireland.
      2. They may ask you for your accommodation and purpose of visit details.

  76. Hey i have read ur blog its quite informative , I have came UK second time, the first time I came and stayed 10 days and went back to india and this time I am staying here for 3 months and will be back to india , I want to ask this, after staying 3 months here would I get 2 years visa if I apply from back home india, and I want to visit ireland too this time, does ireland stamps passport or not?

  77. Hi, planning to go to Ireland , Scotland and London on April 20
    do i have sufficient time to apply for visa from Irish embassy
    or i should go to Uk embassy for visa, as processing time is less there
    and first go to London then Ireland
    My second question what is maximum duration one need to stay in London,
    is one or two hours halt is sufficient

  78. Hi, I am planning to go to Ireland, Scotland then London on April 20
    My question is do i have sufficient time to apply for visa from Irish embassy or i should apply from UK center and first go to London then Ireland. as processing time at UK embassy is less
    My second question is the minimum duration, i need to stay in london
    is one or two hours halt sufficient.

  79. Hi, I am planning to go to Ireland, scotland then London then back
    My question is do i have sufficient time to apply for visa from Irish embassy or i should go to Uk embassy as processing time is less there
    I understand in that case i have to go to uk first, My second question is what is the minimum duration, i need to stay in London. is one or two hours halt is sufficient

  80. There are some requirements or we can say eligibility criteria that you must fulfill in order to get study visa, because last year i was facing issue while applying for the visa, because of my some errors in my document, thanks for the correct and authentic information, i got my visa for Australia for studies…

  81. Hello Soumya,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this detailed blog. It is very helpful.
    In the current situation (pandemic and UK considering India in the red zone), do you know if BIVS is still granted by UK embassy.
    Can you please suggest a place/agency who can provide the latest up to date information on this (including the latest prerequisite).

  82. hi soumya .how are you? i have a querry regarding my visa. i have got uk visa(bivs) endorsed. 6 month multi entry visa. i m planning to visit the uk in the month of april with my family all have got same visa. standard 6 month multi entry tourist visa. now my question is my first port of entry is uk london gatwick airport. over there i will go through border control officer who will stamp my passport at the time of entry i guess. now i will spend 6 days in london and then i m planning to visit scotland for 2 days and ireland for 2 days as i m on a budget . so my query is will i need to go through border control immigration again when i enter in scotland & ireland and will they stamp my passport again? or its only once when you enter uk at the port of entry? as i have previously travelled uk but only london for 6 days and at the time of exit there was no exit stamping on my passport. i m indian citizen(indian passport) .so please can you explain if i need to go through border control again in ireland and scotland and will they stamp my passport at the entry? or they will consider me as a common area traveller (domestic traveller) once you go through border control at the first port of entry. will wait for your reply thank you.

    • To answer your question, they won’t stamp your entry/exit if you are planning to travel within the UK after your port of entry at London. Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all part of the UK. However if you are going to the country of Ireland (different from Northern Ireland), they will be stamping during entry/exit based on their regulations.

      • one more question soumya. while applying for other countries visa they ask for travel history can i mention scotland and wales as a country visited? or just the uk i should mention as i m planning to apply for netherlands visa as my france visa was refused last month. i really wanted to visit paris from london but unfortunately my visa was denied. do i need to show confirm flight booking and hotel booking for visa or pay at the property is fine ? please help me with my querry. thank you soumya for your reply.

        • A good international travel history is a good thing. So Scotland and Wales can be counted too. But rather than increasing, find out the real reason that your visa was rejected. It could be innumerable things and maybe now that you have a UK visa, it may be easier for you to get a Schengen visa. Show that you intend to return and may a strong case for that. Unfortunately you will have to show confirmed flight tickets. You can use Booking and pay at the property option for your accommodation.

          • thanks soumya. i showed everything after getting my uk visa i applied for france visa but in my itinerary i showed that i will travel to uk first then i will take a road trip from london to paris. i havent shown confirmed air tickets as how can i buy a ticket before getting a visa. i was also shocked that france rejected my visa.i dont have any intention to stay in france and if i want to i would have stayed in the uk instead. but never mind now i m planning for netherlands for the month of pay . is it the right time now or i should wait? as i already had a rejection last month? does it make any difference on my visa application?

          • Even though UK doesn’t ask for confirmed air tickets, it is mandatory to show confirmed flight tickets for Schengen visa. There are many agents who do this for you for a charge and you have an option to cancel/reschedule once you get your visa and your dates are confirmed.

  83. my child is studying in dublin, can we go to dublin first and then come to england and tour england and go back to indiafrom india

  84. The BIVS system is very useful for the Indians and Chinese. Thanks to this single visa system for makeing easy for the tourists to enjoy Britain and Ireland without the need for applying for two different visas.

  85. Hey, thanks for the detailed information! It’s really helpful.
    I am planning to visit UK, Ireland, and Italy in one go. So, I am applying for BIVS first and then I am planning to apply for Schengen visa once I get the BIVS. Do I need to mention that I am also planning to visit Schengen region while applying for BIVS?


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